Foreign degree recognition


Hi everyone,

I am just wondering if anyone has information regarding using a degree from a non-English speaking country to apply for jobs? I studied in Finland, even though the course language was English and I am a native speaker from South Africa and was wondering if this would have any effect on applications? I would imagine that it should not be a problem but would just like to make sure beforehand.

Thanks in advance


The Ministry of Education has a list (a big book) of universities they consider acceptable. I’m sure that any school in Finland would be on it. And South Africa is understood to be an anglophone country, despite rumors that other languages are spoken there as well.


thanks for the response. Do you think I should just contact the MoE directly (website doesn’t have an email address, but will find my way around that) just to clarify the situation or to get the list from them?


you can search your university here

MOE Approved Schools Abroad Hot List

Cheers for the list, that is excellent and my university is on there. Happy days