Foreign Spouse Resident Visa & ARC


I have dual citizenship in Taiwan and U.S. I’ve been living in U.S. for a long time. Currently, I am applying for my American citizen husband’s Resident Visa and eventually ARC. I have family in Taiwan, but I lost my household registration. So long story short. The first step is to restore my household registration and then apply for the resident visa.

  1. After the resident visa is issued by TECO in U.S., how long does it stay valid? I understand that within 15 days of entering Taiwan, my husband and I need to apply for his ARC.

  2. The initial ARC is issued for one year. Does it require certain number of days to be in Taiwan in order to renew once it expires? (i.e. cannot visit his parents in U.S. in the interim)

  3. When ARC expires, is the renewal application required to be made in Taiwan? Can he renew in U.S.?

Thank you.
A Resident Visa is valid for three months.


you can renew from US.

6.Letter of authorization: Where another person is authorized to submit the application on behalf of the applicant,
a letter of authorization must be presented; an applicant who is in a foreign country, in Hong Kong or Macau, or in
the Mainland Area, may authorize another person to apply on their behalf when the application is only for
extension of residency or change of residential address or service location.


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I appreciate the time you spent on answering my questions. :smile:

No, as mentioned above.

But if they wish to get permanent residency long term, then they need to have legally resided in Taiwan for at least 5 consecutive years and for more than 183 days per year.


Thank you for the extra information to keep in mind!