Foreign Teacher Hit by Car in Keelung

Pretty horrific, especially because it can happen to anyone on any street. Hope he can keep his legs and the driver does not start bitching when it comes to compensation issues.




Google translation:

Today at 2 pm, Keelung letter Xinyi District Road, located in front of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Keelung Hospital accident occurred in a car accident, a black car suddenly rushed to the roadside arcade pillars, making a 24-year-old foreign men legs open Fractures, bloodstains on the ground, has been sent to the Ministry of Keelung hospital emergency, and the driver and the accident were not injured, the police are under investigation.

Police pointed out that Zhou surnamed driving (60-year-old) was carrying his relatives and friends at the time and just got out of the parking lot at Keelung Hospital. How unexpectedly there was an impulse to hit the foreign men on the road, causing his legs to fracture, , Bloodstain also splashed to the ground, and the vehicle in front of the block is destroyed, after the wine test, Zhou male wine measured value of 0, is under investigation.

According to the emergency room staff at Keelung Hospital, the injured foreign man was diagnosed with orthopedic and orthopedic surgeons to evaluate the severe open fractures of both lower extremities. The surgery was complicated and needed to be repaired with blood vessel connections. It was arranged to be transferred to the Central Military Command of Neihu for follow-up heal.

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These fucking assholes drive like lunatics. And then when they hit someone they blame the victim, even though the victim had the walk signal, and the taxi was no doubt speeding through a red light. I really hate 80% of the cabbies here. I occasionally have a cool, mellow guy who isn’t driving like he’s on meth, but the majority are just reckless dickheads.

EDIT: Reading the rough translation again, maybe it wasn’t a taxi. But I’m going to keep my rant about taxis up, because it’s still on point.


Intentional??? Those blood stains aren’t looking good.

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I think this accident was of the “step on gas pedal too much and not finding the brakes for whatever reason” variety.

Just atrocious driving skills or driving while being distracted.

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No “intentional” in the Chinese, bad Google translation…

Wow, in the video here, he was standing between two buildings in what seems to be safe area from being hit by a car.

Obviously an accident by looking a the dashcam. The driver almost hit another car as he flew across the street.

ffs, the gap between the columns was so narrow. At almost any other angle the car would have it either of the columns, and instead it went straight for the guy who was just minding his own business and, I guess from the video, checking his phone. Wtf.

Not even that. Just standing there staring into the middle distance, thinking about what he was going to have for dinner or something. And yeah, standing in a safe a sensible place, on the sidewalk, out of the way, between two cement columns. Definitely WTF.

In one of the videos played on the news last night, they didn’t blur out his face. You can see the recognition of what’s happening in his eyes a half-second before the video cuts out.

You stand between two concrete columns off the road and you’re still not safe. Bloody hell!

Yes, it’s an accident but the driver needs to be punished. Not sure what they can get on him under Taiwanese law. In the UK it could be up to 5 years for causing serious injury by careless driving (although they hardly ever dish out custodial sentences). If the driver has any money (and I expect any savings will suddenly move to other relatives) then the victim should receive a big payout. Absolutely unbelievable driving.

Happened in Keelung. He was taken to Tri Service in Neihu. Ambulances aren’t equipped to handle pain treatment so this poor guy must have been in HELL for at least 1-2 hours. I pity his soul

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Think he was first moved to the hospital close by in Keelung. The only positive aspect of this story is that he could be treated almost immediately.

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Oh that’s good to hear. Hope he receives the proper pain treatment he deserves. I highly doubt it but here’s hoping.

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Lesson: in Taiwan there is no safe place to just stand and space out. As soon as you walk out your front door, you have to have your senses fully engaged and be ready for any eventuality. Stay safe out there everybody!


What the good doctor said.

Too many drivers here are assholes, incompetent, exhausted, distracted, or varying combinations of the above.

I hope the guy who was hit can recover smoothly. Best wishes to him and to everyone close to him.

Peace to all,

That is the reality of the situation :wink:

Driver looks like he couldn’t give a &^$, seems to have found a nearby Pokemon to capture.


Wonder if he isn’t one of the millions shuffling around on xanax…


Oh fuck this asshole. If anyone ever looked “punchable”, it’s that self-absorbed, old twat.

Wow, this man needs some serious help if he gets those sudden urges to kill often.

The translation isn’t good. The second paragraph doesn’t say anything about an impulse to hit the foreigner; it says the car rushed forward and hit the foreigner. The word for impulse also means rush forward.


What, wait ? Dochtor does not come with ambulance so guy got no pain killer on the spot?