Foreigner ARCed new car purchase

Hi all,

I am planning a new car purchase in 2020. I have seen some old posts on this topic but let’s see if anyone knows in 2020.

I have my ARC and international driving license (not local one).

  • Can I purchase and own a new car?
  • Shall I need a Taiwanese co-sign?
  • As I am also LTD owner, shall my company own the car? (normal car, not a truck or any other commercial vehicles). Is there any advantage in this option?

let’s see if someone went through already.


welcome to the forum,

If you plan on owning a car, I would advise you take you driving test and get a local licence.
you international driving permit is only valid for one year from entry, so as I understand it you have to keep leaving and renewing it every year then register it within a month of your renewal to use it for the rest of the year.

There is also insurance to take into consideration, I don’t know if that could be in your name if you don’t have a licence.


The insurance companies dgaf if you have a driver’s license, they don’t even check. They only want to see that the registration is in your name.
And yes, ARC holders are allowed to register cars in our own names.
(I do the “get and authentic an international driving permit for $150nt every year” thing because it’s still easier than getting a Taiwan DL)
Edit: sorry I don’t have an answer to your questions regarding purchasing, if you’re thinking of making payments. If you can pay in full, there really shouldn’t be an issue.

I have a local license and APRC. The local license seemed important to the sales guy but not sure if he’s a good barometer. If you can swap your license, I would, but maybe someone here has made a purchase with an international one. I don’t see why it couldn’t be done, I just know you’ll probably save some grief if you get a local one. The car registration, loan, and insurance is in my name, that part is definitely doable.

Edit to add…shop the interest rate… they are very low here and often have zero interest offers.

I agree regarding getting a local license. A colleague of mine had an accident and the insurance company refused to pay because he had been using an international license longer than he should have. He had renewed it but insurance company pointed out that the law states you need to swap your license or take the test.

You may be eligible to exchange your license. Which country are you from?

The last two cars I’ve owned here required my wife to co-sign. First one we did just that and the second ended up paying cash instead. It might depend on the car company and the bank/finance company they use.


if you need to take out a loan then you do need a Taiwanese to cosign. And the bank still might not grant the loan. If you’re married to a Taiwanese however, it’s a piece of cake.

Nope, mine is in my name alone.

Then you don’t need a Taiwanese license or Taiwanese cosign. If the salesman makes a stupid face, tell him you’re buying your car elsewhere. You’re allowed to own and have a car in your name without a license.

Why shouldn’t someone be able to buy a car without a license. You just can’t drive it if you don’t have one.

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