Foreigner divorcing a Taiwanese husband

Hi guys,

I married my taiwanese husband in Europe, we currently live in the US. Found out he has been cheating on me for months and asked for a divorce. He told me he took care of me for the past years (while never allowing me to work so I have no savings) and that he will not pay me a penny during divorce. He doesn’t own much in the US, all his assets are in Taiwan + the divorce process in TW is much faster. I was advised to seek divorce there.
Do you know if divorce in Taiwan is possible if I none of us currently lives there? Is there any residency condition?
We never registered our marriage over there, I assume that would have to be my 1st step?
Does anybody have a good divorce attorney they can recommend?

Thank you so much for your help


Don’t know a divorce lawyer, but in Taiwan, a divorce canNOT happen unless both parties sign off on it, unlike in the U.S. where 1 side can file for divorce.
As others here will state, do NOT sign any paper pushed upon you.
I have heard firsthand that in Taiwan, both sides can go to a sort of administrative district “ombudsman” or neutral person, where they kind of hash over the specifics of divorce settlement.

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Whatever you do, make SUREyou collect concrete evidence of the cheating. in Taiwan it will be a pretty easy case if you have real evidence. Although it may be hard, my advice for people getting fucked over by their partners is to playalong for a month or so and collect as much evidence as possible. then lawyer up and go through the motions.

Record conversations, video or audio, back up all conversations done on paper or digitally etc. Taiwan is easy as pie if you have evidence. and if you have all your marriage paperwork in the US, the marriage should be easily recognized by Taiwan. but the legal nitty gritty of those situations are where lawyers are useful.

End ofthe day, get a lawyer for help. dont assume they know everything. they are more like consultants, many are ignorant or wrong. go in educated :slight_smile:


What’s the Chinese word for alimony? Learn it.

You can force a divorce if there is just reason. such as evidence of abuse. Cheating used to be a reason. but the laws changed somewhat recently about cheating being a legal offence, so it may be that isnt grounds for forcing the divorce anymore? worth looking into.

Cheating is still grounds for a divorce and you can launch civil (but not criminal) suits against the third wheel (if in Taiwan)

However, the divorce process is a lot friendlier in the US. Also as for the assets Taiwan would honor a US ruling for who owns assets after a divorce. Worse case is you’d have to go to Taiwan post divorce in that case it would still be easier for you.