Foreigner Gets Custody of Taiwan Child....What now?

Can a foreigner who has been through this give me some advice. I need to change his school to one near me. But all I have is his health card. And his Who Koe Mein Boo is with his mom. What else? His health card address…etc.

He’s in Grade 7.

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Would suggest going to get replacements for the ID card at the local household registration office.

Kids don’t have an ID card. Just a health card. But they need their “family name book” to register for stuff. I just go ask for a new book?

Do you need the actual book or just the official transcript from the household office? The latter should be easy.

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If they won’t give you a full household registration book with everyone’s details, just ask for the transcript with only your child’s details. As his legal guardian you can get that.


Thank you.

As an update you definitely won’t be able to get the full household registration book, since you need to be the head of the house or have a signed letter for you to act on their behalf to get that. You can get the transcript though, which has the same information on your child’s behalf. Just now I went to the household registration office with my wife to get a copy to renew my ARC. They wouldn’t give us a copy of the full household registration book but would give us a transcript which has all the same info. It’s just printed on thin paper and doesn’t look as professional. I’m not sure what the actual official difference is.

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