Foreigner marrying another foreigner in Taiwan

I’ve checked all the archived threads, but most people seem to have gotten married in their own country or married to a Taiwanese. I’m coming over in March to marry my fiance in Taiwan. We are both American, and he’s working as an engineer for a foreign company. I won’t be getting a job right away as I’ll be occupied with other things, but I plan to look for work after 5 months. I’m wondering about several things.

  1. What do we need to prepare to get legally married in Taiwan? Documents, what to expect, time frame. Is this marriage valid/recognized in other parts of the world? Can we get a marriage certificate in English?

  2. What do I need before I come to get a JFvisa/resident certificate? I read a lot about medical checkups and CCRD, but he told me he didn’t need either to get his visa and ARC -which is totally different from all the other posters who I’ve read here. Will I need these?

  3. Is there a way to get a JFvisa that gives me permission to work legally in September (remember I coming in March)? Or will I need to change my visa/ARC after I get a job? I’m a certified English teacher and plan to try to work at an international school or teach ESL in a high school/college setting when the second semester starts.

A lot of questions, but I don’t seem to be finding the answers I need on websites and in discussion forums.

Chinablue Daisy

CB Daisy…

Can’t answer all of your questions, but I bet your fiance did not have to take the physical because he is classed as a “professional”. I never had to take a physical for my ARC, but my spouse whose ARC started as a Student (rather than as my spouse…he followed me here) had to take the physical. He is now in the same profession as I am, but I think it depends on how you start.

From everything I have heard, getting married in Taiwan is a PAIN IN THE ARSE!!! No one has been able to do it without a million steps and tons of paperwork. I would not consider it really a viable option.

Just, imho, I would consider flying to Guam (considered the USA) and get married there. It is only a 3 hour flight and then you know you have a valid marriage in the USA that will hold up elsewhere. MUCH easier I imagine.


Have to agree with Kristy on this one, overseas will be a lot easier and the documents a lot more useful back home. Hong Kong is an option too.