Foreigner Medical insurance (NOT NHI)


I am living in Taiwan on a working holiday visa and my travel insurance is about to expire, and am looking at getting emergency accident insurance for the rest of my stay.

Does this exist?

I went to 新光人 and they offered me insurance that just covers the gap from the NHI (useless for me) and travel insurance which I would prefer just to extend my travel insursnce from Australia if I can’t get emergency medical insurance.

Basically my visa expires at the end of the year and I will return with a studying chinese visa so I just need cover for emergencies until mid next year when I can sign up to the NHI

Thanks :smiley:

I sadly think most Medical Insurers from Overseas ( UK , Australia) have a 3 month limit on the normal Medical Insurance available. Lumped in to "Tourist " I guess.Of course there will be some very expensive , longer cover . There are Taiwan Insurance Companies but I honestly think they may not cover you. Worth trying Australia first maybe ? Hope you can fix it

Thanks Shiadao!

Australian insurance companies do travel insurance for up to a year and cover working holidays as well.

Was just hoping I can get something cheaper for emergency medical treatment only.

I just can’t find anything for foreigners and thats with my Taiwanese partner speaking on my behalf as well.

(Australian travel insurance is very comprehensive and hence higher priced)

I get a travel insurance package from Nanshan, which is the same local company I have my extra health insurance. 800 ntd I think, fully loaded.