Foreigner price discrimination for motorcycle rental

Anyone know if there’s some reasonable basis for charging foreigners like 5x the price as compared to locals?


Yes, it’s easy to explain. The locals won’t complain and too few foreigners to complain. Not discrimination. Nothing to see here move on. Etc.

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It is discrimination and we shouldn’t stand for it.

Now my blood is boiled.

I’ll look more after I finish work.

Great find!


I wonder if the price would be different if the foreigner has a local license.

I’m being sarcastic. But how is it discrimination when it’s only affects foreigners?

Maybe different insurance requirements.

Probably it’s just because foreigners don’t know how to ride motorbikes and are thus 5x as likely to have an accident.

Because it’s discriminating against someone based off their appearance/nationality and these factors do not justify the price increase.


They don’t know the driving culture in Taiwan. Extreme risk group.


This made me think of another question: Those of us on local scooter / car / motorcycle licenses aren’t paying more for insurance than locals, are we? :thinking:

It’s not 5 times. Foreigners are charged a flat daily rate based on how long they rent, whereas locals’ daily rates are based on various factors: member/non-member, weekday/weekend, pickup time plus mileage.

They provide an example of someone who is a member, renting a class B for 2 days on Saturday and Sunday, and riding 300 km:
(500+200)x2+(9x50km+6x100km+4x150km) = $3150.

For a non-member, it will cost $3900:
(650+200)x2+(10x50km+8x100km+6x150km)= $3900.

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No, we aren’t.

Every day I’m either being radically discriminated against or belong to the highly privileged foreign class in Taiwan. It’s like a tennis match. Will society just pick one and run with it, please!


I rent scooters all the time all over Taiwan and have never been charged a different rate, likely because I’m a resident and have a local license.

The chart says foreign tourists (旅客) so I would assume the higher price is for those who don’t have a local license and aren’t residents, therefore higher insurance rates (as mentioned above).

I saw 旅客 as well, but assumed they just considered us forever tourists.

I’ll admit I fell into the “felt powerless to do anything about it” category and hadn’t even tried contacting them after seeing there were two charts.

I’ll send them a message

Perhaps they are assuming that a significant proportion of foreigners won’t be able to understand whatever it was you posted, which might as well be in Chinese.

What Waigo don’t know wont hurt them, stylee…?

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I’d also assume the difference is by whether the customer’s license is local or foreign and/or the customer is residents/nationals or non resident foreigners.

But the price difference is not due to different insurance, since insurance fee is listed separately.

The total costs of “foreign” tourists seem to be about twice of locals or whatever’s.

In case it is not clear enough…


Insurance rates are the same no matter what type of license one has, as long as it is valid.

Yeah idk why I put 5x the price in first post. Maybe Discrimination-Induced Anger, smaller amount of grey matter, computer gremlins… :joy:

Had my nerd glasses on tonight studying some Excel anyway, so I calculated how many miles you’re being charged for as a foreigner, and you’re basically getting a flat-rate 300 km.

I also messaged the shop (in Chinese) about how they calculate charges for ‘local’ foreigners i.e. with local license and ARC. No response so far. If anyone wants to pretend to be a local and message them to test if they’re ignoring hard questions in text form, be my guest.

edit: wait a second… is it possible to lap the island in one day? :rofl: Maybe we’d better keep quiet about this

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