Foreigner Starting A Kung Fu School

After what seems like years of my Wing Chun classmates nagging me to start teaching independently…

As well as a previous misguided attempt to gauge interest by means of a survey on this website…

I am finally relenting by taking up my kung fu brother’s offer of the use of his school facilities…

Classes commence Monday March 2nd, and will be from 10am to 12pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday in a purpose designed studio on Roosevelt road between Gongguan and Taipower MRT stations.

In order to encourage participation and establish good training habits I will refund the training fee of any student who attends 12 out of 13 possible classes in March.

You may SMS me on 0933705024 or email me on with any questions you may have.


Good luck, Keith!

Thanks for you kind wishes IrishStu.

It is not an easy or lucrative road to take on the responsibility of teaching.

However, having come so far along the hard road of the student the choice before me now seems to be to continue in teacher’s shoes, or abandon all hope by the wayside.