Foreigner working in a coffee shop

Hello! First of all I’m sorry if I posted in the wrong category. Feel free to move it.

To the point: does anybody know about the coffee shop that hires foreigners or would be willing to do so? Some place with frequent foreign visitors or owned by a foreigner, or just used to hiring foreigners…?
I do speak Chinese (B2) and I am willing to use it at work as much as possible, but I’m very self-conscious about using it in customer service, so the more foreigner-friendly place, the better.

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I presume you have an open work permit?


Yes, I study and I do have the permit to work part-time.

Interesting. I’d be happy to hear from other international students about this. I had no idea you guys could work off campus!


i was pretty surprised when i got served by a foreigner in burger king. i kept thinking they must be half taiwanese or something

I have noticed that there are indeed not many foreigners working in such places.

Isn’t the permit valid only for jobs related to your subject?

That is a scholarship stipulation not a general law.

I have seen bars close to campuses in Hsinchu hire foreigners, just walk in and ask.

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I met a foreigner once taking tickets at the movie theater.

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Well you can always go to Aroma Coffee shop in Ximen (I think it’s Neijiang St., near exit 1 of Ximen MRT) because it’s run by a foreigner.

There’s the other Aroma near Dongmen…

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Yes, it is related to scholarship. I forgot to mention it. Thank you for clarifying it for me.

Whatevah, tango42, Taiwan_Luthiers: thank you all for suggestions!

Which city are you based in? One of my business partners is hiring in Hsinchu.

Taipei. But I would still like to ask about it more. PM you.

I had the student open work permit once, but the only job that paid enough to live and study on was English Teaching.

Not the one that they gave me. Mine was completely open. I still have the old permits around here somewhere.

if it feels good do it.

ignore the naysayers