Foreigner's Activity Groups

Hi everybody, as you can see, I am pretty bored here @ work. I was wondering if there are activity groups for foreigners. Like once a week, maybe we can go to a new restaurant, watch a new movie together, or even a book club? If you have any info on these, please let me know. Thanks.

That’s an easy one. Every Sunday afternoon from 3 till about 6, games, tea and conversation with a great bunch of people. You won’t be disappointed. … &start=120


She might be disappointed, no turtles there. But someone did bring a lizard once. But I’m sometimes there if that counts.

Hey… :? I already said that it doesn’t matter if the turtles are there or not… But you guys only meet on Sunday??? Cuz I have to work.

Yes, the game club comes together on Sunday afternoon only.
What kind of work do you do that you are working on a Sunday?

Speaking of, MT…you too busy that you can’t even make a guest appearance?

I can’t make any promises Imani, but I’m planning to return one day, I really am. The Sunday gatherings were great fun. But that was long ago and yes life is busy. I was envious reading of Amos sitting on the roof drinking stubbies and watching footy, others hiking and biking, etc. Oh to be teaching part-time again. . .

Well, I work as a member relations supervisor / customer service, so I have to work on weekends… :frowning: (both Sat. and Sunday) but always free @ night…can we do a weeknight get-together ?? See, today is Wed. and it is my only day off.