Foreigners Behaving Badly in Taiwan

I thought a new topic would be appropriate to cover all instances of foreigners who behave badly in Taiwan. This can also be instances where Taiwanese simply perceive foreigners as behaving badly such as the Brit and the banana peal incident.

Without further ado, here’s the inaugural entry.

Damn foreigners!




The one who got caught grassed up the other seven. He’s going to be popular.


I think the Covid panic is truly over. Just before it started the News was about a foreigner cussing a bus driver.

I guess the serious news channels will keep on these topics until Chinese jets start buzzing over Taiwan air space again. Kind of pathetic.


He’s just doing in Rome what the Romans do. Grassing people to the authorities is a part of the culture here. :wink:


Was it something to do with wearing a mask? :oops:

As for the skateboarding nonsense, this sort of thing happens every single day in the UK (and worse). They were probably genuinely surprised that the authorities take bad behaviour seriously here. Bloody unbelievable that people in their 30s are still acting like 12-year-olds.


No that was before the mask thing , Covid was just rumors from China at that point. I actually said in one of my posts about two years ago that we will know the plague is over when the news starts to focus back on anti social behavior by foreigners. In that case it was an ABC Vs Bus driver.
Might be this one but though a little early

Ok i found the original thread in Forumosa but don’t know how to link it. Little did they know the Covid thing was coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Reminds me of the live streamer who was up against the ropes for putting a popsicle in the sand. Didn’t the K-man have a little cottage industry for those stories at one point.


I remember the guy giving granny the middle finger for running over his foot with the Granny cart too. That was all over the news for days. Deportation called for and all sorts. At least we haven’t turned into Singapore yet!
I’ve gone native I just used the “We” pronoun. We Taiwanese …


Better get used to it, let more foreign scum in and Taiwan will become London. Seriously, where are the triads when you need them?

Countries these days need to do screening on the backgrounds and behavipur of.those that come in, weed out the duds that way.


I had a royal we freudian typo as well :grin:

They get chased out off Taipei by president Chen and now just beat up foreigners in Taichung.
However it could make good TV , bamboo union thugs with bats trying to catch punks on skateboards.

From Jimi Skate Shop Facebook group

They look like the group of kids at school that skipped classes and tagged their names on the fence at the back of the school while smoking their cigarettes.

Luckily they’re not in some countries… some of which will have their feet amputated.


Wonder where the australian guy is from? Sydney probably, maybe it says idk too busy atm, wouldnt be surprised if he was, Probly from mt druitt lol


:open_mouth: lifetime in prison… Lol

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They’re not British as they all have good teeth.


Ah true lol

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Pity. Nothing like getting a good caning.


My biggest concern is that Taiwan will become like Tokyo, which is a huge shithole of a place, doesnt even feel like Japan, full of graffiti, idiot foreigners, garbage everywhere…migrations great huh.

Most of the graffiti there is people from Sydney doing it as i recognise the tags, caught one Australian guy there ironically from my school in an alleyway tagging someones door, lets say he will think twice again…assuming hes still alive, doubt it.


A group for this already