Foreigners in Taiwan perspective

Santa’s not having a very good day. How did I end up like this?


I assumed it was satire.


agreed. though my question was more of the rhetorical sort hehe :slight_smile:

the foreigner here, for.some truly strange reason, seems to have different meanings based on nationality. I have never understood why this could be the case given taiwans high education standards. with the exception of either very rude, racist or ignorant folks.

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relatively few authentic ones. not a criticism as the customer base is largely Han Taiwanese, gotta stay in business.

the BEST foreign foods I have ever had in Taiwan are either absurdly expensive fine dining or vietnamese/thai local shops in back road illegal factory communities. their food is legit authentic, right down to the sitting in the sun funk. that’s also a compliment, truly. most other stuff is rounding corners to fit local tastes. maybe Japanese gets away with authentic here more than the rest.


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I like especially fried with chilli after a few beers.
Ain’t to bad when I’m sober :wink:


I gave my students low grades (average around 60%) but that’s because I only graded on completion and well…

But it didn’t matter so much because my classes were only worth 5% of the total English grade

Still, it looks like things are changing for taiwanese education. Just changing slowly

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I thought that Santa was me :rofl:

it’s the really fermented stuff in soup that puts hair in your chest!

the fried stuff with the pickled veg ain’t half bad. actually, I like just eating the pickled veg with beers as well, quite nice for a sweet n sour snack

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Some people swear onion soup helps. Nah stinky tofu the day you’re drinking and after helps lol.

At least they don’t just call all white foreigners “Meiguo ren” anymore, or at least not as often.

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Why is that funny?

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that is still pretty prevalent in many areas, at least for caucasians. I get it nearly every day when I leave my village and go to town. on the flip side, try having a conversation with someone calling a caucasian a foreigner then ask them so what about this issue with japanese, Korean, chinese etc. certainly not all, but a fairly large percentile seem to short circuit as if they meant foreigner as not to mean east Asian. it’s a fun one to discuss with Taiwanese. not as an asshole, but as a genuine conversation where they are respected to fully expell their thoughts and intentions. when they have to spell it out, the light bulb generally turns on and some deeper conversations are now allowed without the risk of losing face because they realize the conversation is based on equality, not that other bullshit that is all too often taught at school and at home.

I’m just labeled waiguo Ren because I’m not white. I’m never called meiguoren

Would be if I was in USA, Canada, or UK and got called that foreigner, it’d be considered pretty offensive. One of those little things that irks me.

Just want to be “that guy over there” or “him” but it is what it is. Better to just ignore the annoyance


Doesn’t anyone get offended by the term laowai?

I just point back and exclaim 臺灣人!

Or, if you really want to piss them off, 中國人!


Your accent isnt quite correct. Let me help you


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I used to do that to people that were especially douche bags. the problem is it can backfire and they say “yes, we are chinese”. Which is retarded, but the reality.

So, I edited that to Japanese.

Then Irealized taiwanese often think that is a more “high class country”, and take it asa pseudo compliment. which is annoying as all fuck!

Finally I edited it to Filipino. not at all because I think Filipinos are lesser than Taiwan, they are one of my favourite peoples actually. but because the low class judgemental Taiwanese that insist on calling out judgements in public are 99% likely to be higher than thou when it comes to the Philippines, unlike Japan. So play their own assholery against them.

thus, the point gets across quite clearly and effectively now and if they argue, we can have that conversation about geography, race, racism (!) and manners :slight_smile:

So you think they do speak English well?