Original Title: Totally Doozy

I am starting to get worried. I forget things I write down. I forget things everywhere. I never know if I fed the kitties already and if I didn’t have a foolproof system for the dog’s meds, he’d be dead.

In the office, if I get a call, I forget what I’m writing. If I turn around to ask something, I forget where I was in the page.

I lost my watch yesterday. I must have put it in the garbage because I recall taking it off before throwing the stuff. Wouldn’t be such a hassle if it wasn’t the one with the MRT card in it, and I can’t find the backup MRT card. :frowning:

In Spanish, we call this the Germans are visiting, those handsome Hans and Heimer. Yes, very cruel joke.

Our translation instructor warned us of this phenomena. He said we should not abuse and translate everyday. Else we’d end up with our name in a card with our address on our chest.

When I get like that I start writing things down: shopping lists, things to do, diaries, etc. Kind of like a mental data dump.

Is it time for a nice holiday?
Clear you head and relax?

I got like that very badly in grad school for a while. I was very over worked and over stressed, trying to constantly do 3 or 4 things at once. I started to miss important appointments and forget everything. It let up when I graduated.

You’ve got to give yourself a break sometimes and try not to bite off more than you can chew.

*But I still must put my keys around the knob on the inside of my door, or I’ll never find them again! I got a special ring for it and everything.

Ya! I get like that too. My solution was to stop drinking scotch every day.
My guess is it will work for you.
P.S. Won’t work for me because . … . . . .

That’s the thing that worries me. We just came back from a break, where I slept 13 hours a day.

If you ask me, there is no big stress in my life, not that I am aware of, aside from the cats and dog war. And most of the time I just let them be…

I am no longer working and studying; in fact, I graduated like 4 years ago and keep my load very, very light. If I don’t feel like doing the dishes, then the dishes don’t get done.

What about writing things on your palm? Works for some public speakers, apparently.