Forgot my ATM card's pin and blocked it, bank wants a valid ARC (expired) and presence at a branch to unlock it

Hello everyone,

So I left Taiwan about one year ago but I still have my Cathay bank account open. Recently I wanted to login to the e-banking platform because I need some transaction records to prove that I lived in Taiwan, other than that the account still has some money which I wanted to withdraw (but not a significant amount).

Sadly I forgot my 6-digit pin (still remember the login/password) and I managed to block my account. Then I tried to use the card reader to unblock it and again I typed the pin incorrectly and I got the ATM card blocked.

Now they say the only way to unblock it is:
“About your letter,as the chip pin of ATM card has accumulated up to error three times will invalid, if forgot the password, please carry original identity cards (valid ARC and passport), the registered seal or sign your name (signature of the original opening account authorized) and ATM card apply reset password to our any branch in person.”

But I have no plans in the near future to travel to Taiwan and, even if I would, I don’t have a valid ARC anymore, it expired shortly after I left Taiwan.

Does anyone know if there’s any possibility to unblock my account through the phone by providing extra data regarding my identity? This seems like a super restrictive process, I understand it’s for the clients’ safety but surely there must be some easier process to regain access to the account for people in my situation.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?

Thank you very much!

I did this several times with HSBC and unlocked over the phone. But sounds like your bank will be tough. Do you remember your phone banking password ? Suppose not

I see, I’m dealing with Cathay United because my Taiwanese company forced me to have an account there and I normally had to bring my girlfriend with me because they didn’t even speak English at that specific branch so all the processes have been terribly complicated even while I was still in Taiwan with a valid work contract + ARC.

I didn’t even know there was a Phone Banking solution in place to be honest. I guess they didn’t even bother explaining that to me as they assumed I would deal with everything online or in presence.

Yikes! You brought your Taiwanese girlfriend in to help you open a bank account ?!!! Mistake number 1

Sorry mate sounds like you’re in a bind. You need transaction records from a while ago? Call them would be the best bet

Haha, no worries… I trusted/trust her completely. I am actually thinking if it would be possible to authorize her to unblock my account for me.

I just called Cathay and they said they will contact the branch to confirm if this is possible or not (why should it depend on the branch policy and not their global policy is something that dumbfounds me but oh well).

i took a taiwanese friend with me to open mine as they wanted writing in chinese. the times i have been there by myself its been a total pain in the ass.

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Amazing. I’m learning a lot about myself and Taiwan and other expats on this forum. :+1:

‘It’s been a while since we’ve seen MACC — their last post was 1 year ago.’ - I guess MACC forgot his password :slight_smile:

You are so nice. I would just call the local branch of the country I’m and demand my money.
All you need is a valid passport to open up a bank account. If they ask for a valid ARC you can just say, I no longer live in Taiwan, so how can I have a valid ARC Einstein? Once they concede on that point, rub it in

I tried to explain that over the phone countless times but you know how it works in Taiwan, whenever you try to ask for something that’s off the script they will just repeat the same line over and over to you.

In this case it was “We will contact your branch and see if they can allow you to authorize someone to take care of this issue for you and we will contact you back tomorrow at 3pm”.

I don’t think there are even any Cathay branches outside of Asia, it seems to be quite a bad bank for expats but my company just decided for me so I stuck with it. Looking back now I think I should have opened a second account immediately on a more international bank and just pass along all the money I got while working there but alas.

Oh man, this right here. So infuriating.

This has worked for me getting through so-called unscripted moments…
Talk only with management, get their names, and say their name is often and tell them you’ll call them back. Get their email if possible and always send a confirmation summary of each conversation. recap each previous conversation every time you get through.
When there is accountability and the risk of looking ineffective sometimes people change their attitude. Good luck.

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Forgive my two cents comment but you seem too cool for someone being deprived of your money. And you are being deprived of your property. Legally it’s your property and you can demand it anytime you want and they must give it to you or face legal consequences not that you have the ability to easily do that right now.
But but it’s similar Catch-22 situations I would slowly go hysterical, refusing to hang up, getting transferred to management and under my breath and out loud continually repeating something like " I can’t believe I stupidly forgot my passcode and now I’m being deprived of my money". "This makes no sense, I need to pay my bills. I can prove who am. You want… listing all your legal ID starting at your passport, your birth certificate working your way down to your library card. “It’s my money, I want my money, I want my money, you can’t take my money”.
Be polite, then escalating to near hysterical Panic slowly and being annoying are effective tactics.
I’d like to say all the cases I’ve won were based on Merit but sometimes, I would hear the service rep say can’t believe I’m doing this and solve my problem. Even if the fault was mine in the first place.

Your bank doesn’t sound very nice. Find out the cancellation procedure. maybe you can close your account by registered mail. But then the problem would be how do you get the money to where you are now without losing a lot in the exchange while cashing a bank check or wire transfer .
good luck.

I’m also with Cathay. I think I’ll just take all my money out next week once I receive my final pay check and put it somewhere safe.

你想太多了…he’s probably got a couple of thousand NT in there and only needs the transaction records for tax or some other reason in Canada. And don’t forget…he’s got the old Taiwan fling still in Taiwan to take care of business :rofl:

Ha ha ha. You are right. I’m not fighting for him. I’m fighting for the times I’ve been cheated or battles I’ve lost before learning how things work. :slight_smile:

Has anyone else had experience with this? Any solutions?

I am currently outside Taiwan, card got lost, got a new card delivered to my sister in Taiwan but the card in not active. Can’t get them to activate it over the phone, can’t get them to transfer money out over the phone, not even change my phone number. I have phoned several times they aren’t flexible at all on this. Can’t come back to TW at the moment as I also lost the damn ARC (ARC extension), so won’t be allowed to enter soon.

Try giving power of attorney to someone you trust inside of Taiwan.

I haven’t done this, but it might be worth a shot.