Formal Complaints of Animal Abuse Bring Results


A young woman wrote to AnimalsTaiwan in February in regard to a serious violation of the Animal Protection Law. While vacationing here, she visited the Chao-Fung Recreation Farm in Hualien. What she saw there horrified her:

[quote]Please there is a pony that can not walk. He is standing on the tip of ALL his hooves. His back hoofs are dug into a rut so he can balance himself. He can not move!!! There is another pony that is so full of mange. His
face is and eyes are rotting! The other ponys there are showing signs of founder…hooves curling up. The rabbit

Do you have the addresses, phone numbers and/ or contact particulars available for WHERE and WHOM to contact? That information would make it far easier for many of us that would in a heart beat report abuse.

More often than not, it’s not a case of Not caring here, but rather , not Knowing where to Report the problem.

Wonderful to know that something MAY be done. Please keep us informed if you can.

I went to the Taipei Zoo once…the Zoo has a nice lay out. But the bald ostriches with mange were bad. And the worst thing I saw…which still haunts my thoughts…was two tigers…a female and male. The female was in pain…I don’t know why…but she was…and as she lay there howling in pain…the frustrated male paced back and forth…back and forth…you could clearly see his concern and his frustration at not being able to do anything. And of course the locals just smiled and took pictures…oblivious as always.:frowning:

I was told before I came here in 1992 never to go to the zoo… so I didn’t. But I taught kindie for a while and couldn’t avoid it. Not as bad as the horror I was expecting, but still fairly grim. Once again I’m afraid it’s a case of “if it looks OK it is OK”. And when you see the news it’s a miracle people have time in between murdering one other, ripping each other off, and raping their own children (this week’s Apple Dailies have been horrendous) to take any notice of animals. But I’m very heartened to hear the government can be shamed into giving a shit, even if it is just for appearances sake. There is hope.

I’m glad to hear that this case worked out! I, too, strongly encourage people to take action, and contact the authorities when needed.

When we called the police last Friday to report the apparent abandonment of 23 purebred Persian cats, they were very prompt to respond. In the end, they were also instrumental in convincing the destitute owner to allow AnimalsTaiwan to make arrangements which allowed us to take possession of them so that we can find good homes for them.

The police were well-intentioned, but did not appear familiar with the laws regarding the treatment of animals. Hopefully this situation can be improved through education. Nevertheless, as I say, they were of some help in the end, so I have no complaints.

I will look into this.

I will look into this.[/quote]

It was awhlie ago. But I’m guessing the place still deserves a walk through.