Former Chinese leader Hu unexpectedly leaves Congress closing ceremony | AFP

Conspiracy theories already on.


Surprised nobody mentioned this before.

Best caption?

Imma head out for Subway. You want anything Big Poohper?


Symbolic propaganda b*******.

Forget the old sheriff because there’s a new sheriff who can f*** around with anybody he wants and no one even disputes him, even on the most public stage, to show he has the POWER, as everyone else is at extreme attention looking straight ahead.

And of course they let this video go public uncensored because it fits the narrative.



Ejected, kicked out, declared persona non grata.

Probably off to execution lol.

Just a wealthier, more powerful North Korea now.

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Fixed it back, no need for more fixes, thanks!

Yesterday I was discussing this with my brother. We saw very different things in the video. I saw a confused and weak old man who didn’t even understand he was taken out from the room, and who didn’t oppose resistance or complained about leaving. He saw a guy who didn’t want to leave, forcefully taken away. I still see the same, and my previous post seems to indicate I’m probably right.

But apart from all of this, it is worrying to see what kind of people are in that room, ignoring the old dude, cold as fuck. One would even think that Winnie The Poo is annoyed by the situation.

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It doesn’t look like he left willingly.

There’s already a thread for this (I created it yesterday).

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Oops, I missed that.


  1. A warning (殺雞儆猴)
  2. A senior moment
  3. A feint of some sort

Any other speculations?

“Hu isn’t feeling well? OK, let’s wait until everyone is inside and sat down and we’ve let all the media in and they’ve turned their cameras on, then we’ll go in and let him know he doesn’t need to be there and can go outside for medical attention.”



Honestly who knows.

If you read Chinese, Xi made an unprecedented attack on the Hu era in the 20th plenary report. He hasn’t done this in previous reports

and if I don’t, he didn’t?


I’m sure I’m the least informed of the forumosans on CCP matters (well, one of them anyway), but apparently the guy’s been feeling funny for a while, some guys had helped him to go to his seat other times, and personally I don’t see him super forced to leave in that video.

But interesting to know Poo was criticising his era. I wonder what exactly he said though.

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I can’t be fucked to translate it.

It’s probably unrelated to him feeling unwell

He just said that ten years ago the country had descended into money worshipping, hedonism, historical nihilism and the party was weak and everyone was criticizing them online and elsewhere.

He wrote a lot more. TBH, he isn’t wrong, if the party had carried on liberalizing, then they would have eventually sealed their own fate.

I’m confused. All of that sounds like a criticism directed at The Poo’s era.

No he is talking about ten years before he took over.

He is justifiying the need for the party and leader to be stronger and return to its communist roots. Crack down on free speech and criticisms of the party

That certainly is the most interesting point of the whole thing.