Former Ms. Ireland marries Asian-American tech guru

Asian success story?

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He is Taiwanese

Yeah true , I kind of thought with all the globalization that thinking would have reduced, but haters will hate.

There’s a billion plus Asians. Not exactly special.

Is an Asian man marrying a woman something rare?

I hope he is very happy

Three cheers for Andrew

There is a misogynistic twinge to this post, like she should be a trophy for him.

Ask the guy who posted it.

So a net worth of 30 million USD is “low level rich”?

There are no American celebrities dating an Asian person, or has dated an Asian person, as far as I know.

but dont you see the issue? you are treating her like some kind of trophy

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I’m not. Just pointing out something rare.

so the point you want to make is that this is rare? and thats it?

Contrasting how Asian men are perceived in the US and Europe.

So is this a trophy of some sorts?

Are Asians not Americans too?

So you see this as a victory?

His wife is a trophy to you as an Asian American man?

Nicolas Cage come to mind? Bruce Lee’s wife?

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Plenty of American celebrities date Asian women. None date Asian men.

Bruce Lee’s wife wasn’t a celebrity.

Whoa this story earned Forumosa popular link.

We are very proud of your guy Oyster Omelet. Great job

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yeah, she’ll be a hit at next year’s Burning Man for sure

In Ireland and parts of USA, I would say so. High Rich now more than that.