Former Ms. Ireland marries Asian-American tech guru

Yeah. So?


who da fuq is that Chen guy?
headline makes him out like some Bezos/Zuckerberg wannabe and then says nothing. She marry up or did he?

Apparently, he graduated from the University of Washington when he was only 19.

She only married him because she was a loser back home who couldn’t get anyone in her own country.


not have Linked account.
why not copy/paste stuff?

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All he did was write a book and graduate two years early.

He’s shorter than her.


This is an odd thing to post


I like how he thinks that’s something to brag about. When I see things like that, my first thought is “ok, so you have academic skills at the expense of social skills.” It’s almost like people don’t understand that education is more about socialization and learning about how to be around other humans than it is passing tests and speeding through textbooks.


Why is news, he looks fat too.
She should choose richer, this girl got billionare, an old not good looking one

Agree !!! Low level rich, marry Facebook guy, that is news

I thought that line of thinking kind of disappeared two decades ago. :sweat_smile:

The dude is partner at a16z… read up on that firm before trolling here…

I think we are all very happy for him that he found love. Obviously, he is a successful and smart guy, two traits that should make him attractive. I just don’t see why we should care

I hope all of the people on this forum find happiness in their lives


Exactly. Who is this and why is he relevant?


It’s a celebrity site, so it’s normal for them to talk about former miss Ireland

I don’t think Andrew Chen is known much outside Silicon valley. But he’s quite well known in VC and amongst US startups for his growth hacking blogs. He’s like a minor celebrity, and she is a former celebrity.


Sure, but why post here

The joke wouldn’t work unless that thinking is still prevalent today.

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