Former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz shot in Dominican Republic

He’s not going to die. But apparently it damaged his liver and had to have part of his intestines removed. I wonder how much will that impact him in daily life.

I read this yesterday. It’s really sad. Ortiz is much loved by Boston and is by all accounts a good guy. As well as being one of the best sluggers of all time, his defiant and rousing “this is our f***ing city!!” shout after the Boston bombing is practically legendary. He’ll live, but having your gallbladder removed, large sections of your stomach and colon removed, plus liver damaged, not only ages you, but probably takes years off your life.

And if I hadn’t decided before, this cinches it… I’m never visiting the Dominican Republic.

A bunch of American tourist have been killed recently I saw. I’ve heard it’s very fun and your money goes a long way. You can party like a king for not much there. But maybe get shot and rob on the way.

I don’t need that kind of fun.

Here’s Ortiz’s speech I referenced earlier.

Maybe in those college days of yours haha.

My friend is from there. He always brags about how he lives like a king when he visits. Parties and beautiful women. And apparently everyone smokes weed everywhere there even though it’s illegal.

True, probably 15 years ago I would’ve gone. That younger me was crazy though.

This the picture shared online of the guy who shot Ortiz after the crowd beat him up. Not 100% it’s true.

I believe it. I’m glad he got the shit bashed out of him. I wouldn’t have shed a tear if they killed him, tbh.

@Andrew0409 you see this? It was a whole assassination plot involving a 7 person hit-squad. Wtf…

where’s the motive?
what was Ortiz to them?

Don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. I assume more info will come out shortly.

Ortiz is a gregarious Dominican who made it big in Boston, who often spoke on New England television during baseball season, and who briefly spoke for the entire US. He’s probably still rich, too. He wouldn’t be the first retired MLB player who decided to make politics a second career in the Caribbean.

Also, the Dominican Republic is a very small pond. Guy like Ortiz could be unwelcome in certain parts.

$8k split seven ways.

Bloody hell, life is cheap down there.

Fuckin Big Papi.
He’s been moved to Beaners and is recovering from surgery at Mass Gen, doing pretty good.

Hey, take the “Former” out of the title, man, he’s a fuckin slugger for life.

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His own people shot him for not even 8k. Sad.