Former US serviceman reveals on FB they were stationed in Okinawa to protect Taiwan, don't care about Korea



A man with the FB user name Justin Langton

That’s their source.

Taiwan News wrote an entire article based on a random and unverified Facebook comment.

They didn’t even try reaching out to him to follow up or confirm he is who he says he is. Or reach out to any other service people stationed in Okinawa.

High school newspapers are more thorough than this rag.


Total BS.


That was my first reaction as well but you can actually easily google this guy and he indeed was stationed in Okinawa from 2005 to 2009.

That said, this is still really stupid and this ex-GI Joe most likely isn’t very bright.


he should not be planning any trip to China anytime soon


Uncle Sam might not like his spilling of classified materials either.


I doubt he ever will.

Exactly. It’s hilarious.

Btw here is his CV on Prezi.


Last time I talked to a Navy engineer he seemed pretty confident u.s. would get involved in if China were to do something. He said Japan, Australia, and maybe even Korea would take part.

That said, friend of mine who was in the Marines told me that the arms sales to Taiwan purely symbolic. It was over 10 years ago though. I I’m going to talk to some servicemen when we get together to watch the college football championship next Monday. Conversation time.


Guys unless they’re at the top of the chain of command, US servicemen don’t have the slightest clue about the strategic importance of anything the defence forces do, including operations they might individually be involved in. Enlisted men aren’t involved in strategic decision making, they aren’t educated in it, they aren’t told anything more than they need to know to perform their own menial task and/or fight.


If they are intelligent they can figure out the point of war manuevres. In the end it’s a political decision , Taiwan Relations Act has our back.
If I was a Taiwanese I’d be flying an American flag outside my house not useless KMT one. Those guys are going to sell us out for $$$


It’s like a former McDonald’s employee saying “Mcdonald’s wants to sell ice cream, doesn’t care about selling hamburgers”.

Sure they plan, prepare, do, will sell ice cream, but hamburgers is the purpose of McDonalds.


This much is obvious. Although getting F35s would be a big upgrade. It’s more of a big F you to China every time a weapons sales goes through and reaffirmation of the promise to offer protection.


I once asked my cousin about it when he was stationed there, his answer was “we would be there so fast”. That’s a ways back though


It’s a public secret that the US Okinawa base is there to keep an eye on this part of the Pacific.


True. But, endless tedium through training scenarios allows one to extrapolate possibilities in one’s downtime. Didn’t you watch Band of Brothers?


Don’t worry the USA plans for all contingencies.


It would make sense as Okinawa is so close


Dam right on that one! If it wasn’t for the US they would definitely have been invaded by now.


Ummm - McDonalds readily admits that their basic business model is a real estate company - they sell burgers & ice cream to pay the bills while waiting for their vast RE holdings to increase in value. This is an important fact to note - the purpose of an action may be totally different than what it appears to be…


Then what are they pretending it’s there for?