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Original Title: New fitness classes in Taipei

Hi guys and gals. Mods, if this is uncool, please let me know.

I have four new fitness classes opening up in Taipei at my gym Formosa Fitness.

I’ll be teaching kettlebells from 9:30-10 a.m. and 7:30 -8 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Bootcamp fitness classes will be held from 9-9:30 a.m. and 7-7:30 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

If you’re interested in joining, please contact me for a free fitness screening first. I want everyone to stay safe in my classes, meaning I have to evaluate each person before they join.

BTW, I’m a certified personal trainer under NASM and a certified kettlebell trainer with the IKFF, the first such trainer in Taiwan.

Personal training sessions are also available to meet a variety of fitness needs. You just tell me what your goals are, and I’ll help you achieve them.

For those that might not know, a kettlebell is a weight that looks like this

and it’s a great tool for weight loss and fitness. You don’t have to worry about getting “bulky” because it won’t happen with kettlebells. The lifting done with kettlebells works strength endurance, helping you to burn fat and build lean muscle mass.

The bootcamp fitness classes are designed to be fairly fast paced workouts for busy people. It’s 30 solid minutes of fitness so you can get in and get out.

If you want more information, you can check my website in my signature below and/or drop me a PM.

I’d be happy to answer any questions.

I just want to add my 2 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: for FF and his fitness classes. I’ve been working out with FF for the last 4 months and can vouch for the quality of his classes. I’ve not yet gone from zero to hero (i’m probably a quarter of the way through the “o” in zero) but I’ve seen obvious improvements and getting better all the time.

So seriously, anyone who wants to get into shape should give this a go, the pacing is good and there is none of that “Get on the floor and give me twenny” or “bow to your sensei” nonsense. I guarantee you will not feel hopeless.

You’re prepared to sport monkey-shit brown Crocs in public. You SHOULD feel hopeless.

They are grey.

Thanks to Funk500 for chiming in.

One of the things that I do as a trainer is use positive reinforcement to get clients and students towards their goals. This is one of the things that I hope sets me apart from others.

Another thing I try to do is teach people how to get fit. Many people don’t know how to exercise or use proper form. I train people to understand the principles of fitness so that they can eventually train themselves. Teach the client rather than just train them (if they want this) and you help them grow as people. You empower them to take control of their own lives through the medium of fitness. It’s a powerful experience.

But it begins with a first step into fitness and/or weight loss.

Anyway, I’ll get off my fitness podium for now. :slight_smile: Hope to see some of you in my fitness classes.

Mrs CFI and I went there today. We spent about 2 hours going through a fitness screening, Q&A, demonstrations, diet/nutrition advice and so forth. Work schedules mean we aren’t able to attend regular classes, so FF designed us individual programs that we can easily do at home. Highly recommended. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks, guys. Hope those programs get you closer to your goals.

How much are the classes? where are they located?

Edit: prices have changed. Please contact for more info.

My classes are … for the boot camp fitness and … for the kettlebell class. I’m located across from Shi-Da behind the 7-11. There’s a Google map on my blog listed in my signature.

If you’re interested, please PM me or call for a free fitness assessment. Even if you don’t sign up with me, I can point out some problem areas in your fitness you can work on at home.

May I ask how long you have been involved in kettlebells- and what you had to do to get certification?

Looks like my reply didn’t survive the recent update.

I started training kettlebell movements with dumbbells several years ago because a lot of people were talking about how great they were. But we didn’t have kettlebells in Taiwan.

Last year i decided to be part of the solution by importing them myself.

I’m certified to teach under Steve Cotter, one of the top kettlebell trainers in the world. Here I am on the left with him:

The training he put us through was the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

This is me at the certification struggling to keep a 16kg kettlebell over my head for 10:00. I did it but wouldn’t want to do it again. :slight_smile:

He tested us with a long set on every kettlebell technique he teaches (and there are a lot) and didn’t let up until the cert ended. It was a shocking experience, believe me.

This is a good overview of what I went through:

So Jack, have you used kettlebells before?

Just a brief update.

If getting in shape is one of your new year’s resolutions, then we can help you. We have new fitness classes opening up so now is a great time to start.

Here’s a preview of the classes:

If fat loss is your goal, here are the type of results you can get with us:

Finally, I know that many people will try to get in shape on their own, just like they did last year and the year before that and… That didn’t go too well, right?

Having a trainer to guide you through the process, ensure you’re using proper form, and give support along the way can make all the difference. Plus, our group classes give you a positive environment where people have goals similar to yours. This makes getting in shape more fun and ensures you reach your goals.

So if we can help out, please contact us.

Happy new year everyone.

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We have a couple of client testimonials to share with you to show our results:

This is a client that lost 6-7kg with us in a short amount of time. Here is another client’s point of view:

[quote]As somebody who’s had a life-long interest in health and fitness, I was excited by Formosa Fitness’s promise to deliver intensive, yet short workouts that give you results. I was not disappointed.

It was my goal to increase my cardiovascular fitness and to gain muscle mass. I was impressed with Dave’s group classes and decided to see him on a one on one basis.

Dave also has most of the equipment that we use during classes on sale. I have purchased two items, and have been using them regularly at home, and I am very happy with the results. In addition to the fitness equipment, I also purchased some protein powder from Dave, which has aided my muscle growth considerably. I recommend the vanilla flavor!


If you want results like this too, then PM me today and find out how you can get started. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Welcome to the new and improved Formosa Fitness 2.0!

The above class is our latest offering. We now offer strength and conditioning via means other than just kettlebell training. We’ve added barbells, ropes, sandbags, and a host of other methods to the mix to keep things interesting. Training with different tools keeps your exercise routines fresh and challenging, helping you make progress over the long term. You’ll never get bored at Formosa Fitness!

Classes now come in three flavors: basic training for beginners, kettlebell training for intermediate/advanced, and hard core fitness (see clip above) for the more advanced athlete.

We’ve also updated our customer testimonial page to show the results we’ve been getting. Take a look here: … 378b952451

Act now and take advantage of our special offer: work out free for the rest of the month of September – no catches!

Send us a PM here or contact us at our website in our signature below to get started.

As always we appreciate the support of the Forumosa community! Thank you!

Thanks for the mention. We’re located about five minutes from GuTing station just across from ShiDa. Anyone interested in fitness in the area should at least come check us out. We primarily offer group classes and private training sessions, plus equipment sales. What we do is unique in Taiwan so check us out before you try to make a price comparison.

And BTW, our pricing is straight forward and we don’t offer BS “typhoon specials.” For God’s sake, why on earth do people put up with such BS?

Let me know if you have any questions.

[quote=“Formosa Fitness”][quote=“Hightop”]
And BTW, our pricing is straight forward and we don’t offer BS “typhoon specials.” For God’s sake, why on earth do people put up with such BS?

I don’t know. I hate such nonsense, and ALWAYS run the other way when business people behave like this. Keep the pricing open and clear, and I’ll decide if it is for me or not. If your costs rise or fall, and you need to amend some pricing policy, by all means do it. You have to earn your rice too. In the long-run ethical business practices usually win out. They do with me, at least.

Have you ever done sledge hammer training? I got a hammer and a truck tire so I’m going to give her a go!!

My hammer looks heavier and dirtier than theirs. It looks like the perfect Irishman’s workout.

I’ve been working out with an Indo board and basically do all my weight workouts on top a balance pad-it looks weird but it’s a killer.

I’ve got this one move I do at the end of my workout with a 20 KG dumbbell, extended above my head in one hand then I lay down on my back and get up again–I saw it on Laird Hamilton’s workout-it truly is one of the hardest workout moves I’ve ever done. I think you guys really found something with these workouts-I’ve even invented my own moves to help training with stand- up paddle boarding,
good luck with your business!

Thanks for the well wishes! Glad to hear you’re training with the kettlebell.

I do club training that is similar to sledge training.

This is a workout i did using a 22lbs. (10kg) club.

The clubs come in sizes up to 45lbs. and you can use two of them! :slight_smile:

This is a gym tour clip I did today. We are NOT your usual gym! Unconventional workouts, unconventional results!

So that’s why they call it ‘club’ music. That really gave me a lot of new ideas for the sledgehammer especially the side swing they really look like a ‘rowing’ type action that I use on the paddle board.
Thank you for posting that. It looks like your place is really set up nice.

[quote=“Bubba 2 Guns”]So that’s why they call it ‘club’ music. That really gave me a lot of new ideas for the sledgehammer especially the side swing they really look like a ‘rowing’ type action that I use on the paddle board.
Thank you for posting that. It looks like your place is really set up nice.[/quote]

Thanks! And I got some ideas from your sledge hammer workout you posted. All good stuff!