Formosan black bear

Just a quick query…does any one have any anecdotal information about sightings of the Formosan black bear? I’ve heard vague reports of sightings in Yushan NP but was wondering if there’s anything more concrete.

Yushan NP just released these videos. So Formosan black bears loves honey and sometimes traverses the river.


Taipei Zoo. Comes out of woodwork when people want to take selfies.

I’ve never seen one in the wild 8(
And I’m also missing the Blue Magpie.


wooow too cute he is … )) i love black bear

At Hualien’s Highway 30

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cute __

one day i’ll see one…

They’ve been spotted around Maravi trail (瓦拉米步道)

Used to be Anho Rd. around 3 or 4 AM, before they closed down all the beer houses.


You mean the jump bears?

Similar to drop bears but they jump out from the bushes.

Bushes, parked cars, telephone kiosks…we ain’t fussy.

Our chief weapon is surprise…

Back to actual formosan black bears (as opposed to forumosan bears, real and imagined). : P

More sightings recorded in Yushan National Park, especially on the Hualien side:



You ignore jump bears at your own risk, friend.

I try to minimize the risk by avoiding “Anho Road” (ha!) around 3 or 4 AM. : D


When the beer houses were there, it was spelled that way.


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Forgot you switched accounts, hm?

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While the romanization system has shifted, the services offered on that aptly named road have not.