Fortnite: iPad or Switch?

I want to play Fortnite on its own dedicated machine. Should I get an iPad Pro 10" or 11" or a Nintendo Switch?

From what I’m reading, the Switch is not as powerful as the iPad, but

  1. I’m not an Apple fan
  2. I believe I can hook up the Switch to my large screen TV more easily than the iPad Pro
  3. The Switch isnless expensive

Can I justify getting a Switch over an iPad Pro?

The switch is less expensive and you can play lots of other great games. I’ve found the iPad to be useless. I’ve bought one and was gifted one. Ended up never using it because I can either do it all on my phone or if it’s important enough, do it on the computer. I couldn’t find much use for it.

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They are nice for reading comics, and taking notes and editing PDFs of it’s the Pro model.

Studying things like anatomy on them is perfect too.

Don’t you have a PC?

Just get a PS4 controller and play on PC with DS4Windows if you don’t like using a keyboard and mouse.

I like to play Fortnite with keyboard and mouse, and I’ve read going mobile presents some disadvantages, both in performance and your fingers get in the way.

But I want the option to take it on the road now and then. More importantly, having a dedicated gaming machine frees up space from my regular PC. I set up Fortnite on a Microsoft Surface and was shocked it needed over 74gb of harddisk space.

I am leaning towards a Switch, but I’m curious if I’m missing something from the iPad Pro gaming wise. For work stuff and coding, I prefer Windows and Linux boxes

Yeah. Besides the iPhone IOS, I don’t enjoy working with Apple products. I can see why someone working in multimedia would enjoy it and Apple computers does seem to last longer. I’ve needed to replace my computers around 3 maybe 4 years. I’ve seen many people with Macs still working well after 5-6 years. But for business, Windows is still the way to go.

Thank you all for the feedback

I’ve talked to the wife and we have agreed to go with a Nintendo Switch. Can anyone suggest a spec or configuration for the Switch that we should get in Taiwan these days? I am hoping to get advice on a minimal configuration well suited for Fortnite

I’m looking at this page on Ruten and hope to figure out why there is a range to this product

I have figured out there is a base no-games-included price of NT$ 9,780, but what are the add ons? Memory?

紅藍 / 主機 (無 無 遊戲 及) 9780 元 / 主機 (無 無 遊戲 及) 9780 元

For NT$ 9,780: Red and Blue controllers, no games included or “Host”?


物品狀況: 全新
物品所在地: 台灣.桃園市
上架時間: 2017-10-21 01:32:52

物品開始價格:  $9,780 - 15,000元

Google Translates says:

 Product Notes

 Item Condition: New
 Item Location: Taiwan. Taoyuan City
 Added time: 2017-10-21 01:32:52

 Item starting price: $ 9,780-15,000
 May end sale early

So, I guess this means this is a 2 year machine and this is an auction?

Here is the clear up. The newer models have better battery life and there’s a smaller Lite version that’s more for mobile gaming.

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Thank you!

Nintendo’s website suggests you look by model number (HAC-001(-01)) or serial number (starts with “XKW”). New Switch boxes are all-red, which should also help.


I know you said you want to play Fortnite, but definitely check on the Witcher 3 on the switch. Probably my favorite game of all time and it’s really well done on the switch.

Have fun!

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Cool. I just watched The Witcher episode 3 on Netflix last night :slight_smile: Will do!

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Has anyone here played FireWatch? Sounds interesting and I can play it on the Switch

You definitely want to play Witcher on PC.

I would highly suggest buying the Switch in store instead of online. You never know if online stores are authorized dealers or not!


If he buys from PCHome or something it will be fine.

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