Forum names, moderating, boxes, respect, my high horse

[url= started a thread recently about book writing.[/url]

I suppose if you want to be pedantic it could have gone in the art and culture forum, as that’s what the writing process is mostly about. But as some people used it to discuss the commercial aspects it quickly got shunted to the business and money forum. Now it’s in the teaching English section, leading one poster to comment…

I’m not some newbie who doesn’t stop to think. I’m an established poster who feels that the subject of his thread is broad enough that it shouldn’t be pigeonholed into one - inappropriate - section of the site. I posted the thread in the open forum for a reason, and I would like it returned to the open forum for that reason.

This has happened before, and there have been other discussions about how to categorise stuff. (And no, I’m not bitching about the penis thread.)

So I’d like to ask two questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the forum names? Are they guidelines, or are they strict categories and anyone violating them will be subject to correction? The forum categories are not, in my opinion, exhaustive and all-inclusive. The urge to tidy people into one or other compartment is not helpful.

  2. Do the posters opinions count for anything, particularly with regard to OP’s? If someone posts a thread in a particular category or style do they have any right to expect that anyone else looking at the thread respect their wishes?

This second is not simply a moderating question. If someone starts a serious thread is it reasonable to expect that it not be allowed to degenerate into silliness? If people are being silly, or arguing strongly, does anyone have the right to come along and tell them how to behave?

In short, if you start a thread should people respect your intentions instead of imposing their own views on you?

Additionally, when I did moderating stuff, I would usually contact the OP before moving anything. (Blatant spam or fish-related posts excluded.) The moderator’s job, in my not very humble opinion is to facilitate the smooth operation of a community in which people can interact in a relaxed and respectful manner for fun and information. Putting things into boxes is secondary because, as has been acknowledged many times, many topics could easily fit into several different forums.

There’s something fishy about a writer who doesn’t know his fish from his phish.

now you’re just fishin.

now you’re just fishin.[/quote]

Loretta is just small fry tho’. I promise to catch and release.