Forum Upgrade planned for Tue, 4 May

[I’ve just posted this on our blog] This Tue, 4 May, I am planning to upgrade the forum software to the current version of phpBB3.

As in previous upgrades, you can expect:

  1. us to backup the entire database the night before the upgrade – when the actual back up occurs, the site goes down for 5~10 min. If the upgrade fails, I may “rollback” to this last major database backup, thereby losing posts that were made to Forumosa after the database backup

  2. the forums to be suspended for a few hours on Tue – like in the last 2 software upgrades, there is an automated upgrade process that we speed through, during which the software analyzes itself and then creates a new set of replacement files composed of the new files and its modifications.

About 20% of the files will probably require I look at them manually – this is the time consuming part – and then resubmitting the changed files to the system to make sure all the required changes are in place. Each of the last 2 upgrades had at least one file that just wouldn’t cooperate, but I chose to “ignore” it and took my chances by using it anyway. If I believe the forums become more vulnerable because of an incomplete upgrade, I will rollback to the last major database backup.

  1. me to re-open the forums when the core software is upgraded, even though cosmetic changes are not in place yet – including the banner zones, BBCodes, the event calendar, the sitemap, certain links. Your bug reports and reminders for the return of certain features are especially useful at this stage. NOTE: there will still be the chance that we rollback to the previous night’s major backup if we are not satisfied with any element of the new software. Expect this re-stocking step to last a couple of days.

  2. a switch in default template to Prosilver - the Forumosa theme template will still be around, but Prosilver will be the defaulted theme. is helping us develop a new prosilver theme, but in the meantime, we’ll use a standard prosilver until theirs is ready.

If you see software problems, please note the following:

  • report them to us at admin(at)
  • check our blog ( for updates
  • help us find solutions at the main phpBB website (
  • suggest fixes and modifications by posting links to phpBB solution sites like among others

Just make sure its up and running before I get to the office at 3pm or I swear, I’ll pour cough mixture into my keyboard, and THEN where will you be? You have been warned.

We’re now backed up as of 7:30am this morning. If we run into problems today, we’ll restore to that point. Any posts made after 7:30am will be lost

… the upgrade is done. Pls report any errors and problems you encounter.

The last “Big Back up” was this morning (Wed, 5 May) at 7:30am. If we need to restore to back up, we will lose posts made after that time

Why is the ‘under construction’ banner still up on the guest front page? :wink:

life is a work in progress…so is the forum. :neutral: