Forumosa Charity Year End Banquet

Some of us have been kicking around the idea of organizing a charity banquet - a kind of “super” happy hour - and schedule it around the new year season.

There is a lot of planning that needs to happen, but I hope we can take some time to discuss ideas.

March 2007 is when we are thinking of planning the event. This is still Spring, but after the Weiya season and people should be back from CNY holidays by then, too (CNY is 17 Feb 2007 this time)

For now, we are looking at planning “Spring Dinner Party” designed to raise money for our favorite charities. I am wondering if we can raise NT$ 400,000 - and give NT$ 100,000 to 4 charities. AnimalsTaiwan immediately comes to mind, as well as the Mennonite Hospital in Hualien. Please suggest others.


There’s the Get Fox out of Taiwan Fast Fund.

What about the Harmony Home Association? This is the group that has been in the news recently in regards to the fact that they are a home for people living with AIDS. They have been told by the courts that they must move due the the psychological stress potentially placed upon their neighbors:twisted: . Their situation may be a current crisis but the need for support is ongoing.

Nice one. :thumbsup:

Wow! Thank you for thinking of AnimalsTaiwan, Gus! Very much appreciated.

A great idea regardless, and one that will get my support as much as possible.

Thanks again!


I suggest Wild at Heart or the Garden of Hope Foundation as organisations that could use the dollars.