splash-screen error

I can’t browse forumosa on desktop chrome for some time and somehow can’t click on anything.

Today I checked and found out, that there is a “hidden” splash screen overlay in the html:

js errors (maybe related):

more info: after force reloading (ctrl + f5) the current page, the page does work normally. But when I navigate on any other page the same problem is happening again.

I haven’t noticed anything. Anyone else?

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Not having any issues with Chrome or Edge.

No issues browsing Forumosa here with my Desktop (Windows 10 Home Version: 22H2) using Chrome {Version 112.0.5615.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)}

It could be a malicious extension on your browser trying to load some ad overlay but failing. Have you tried another browser, or if you are using Chrome, Incognito?

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Other Browsers Work, incognito works also.

So i figured it out.
it was the “youtube auto quality” extension.

when i disable this one, forumosa works again.

thx everybody.