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I used to get notified via Email about posts that I was active in. This hasn’t been happening for the last two days. Checked my user control panel and all seems fine. Is this a temporary glitch or am I doing something stupid?

…well…if you have to ask… :whistle:

just kidding…same for me as well…no email notification of PMs either.

moST OF the threads im involved in have no email notification, cept for much older threads. personally i prefer no email notification. I come and check whats up plenty nuff times as it is.

I am not getting email notifications either… sendmail must have been broken.

We’re aware of the problem and looking into it. Thanks for the heads up!

Why am I being spammed (almost) with notifications of new posts on threads? They aren’t corresponding to real new posts. I woke up to 30 notifications this morning and have had another dozen or more since.

Okay this is getting annoying as hell. I’ve turned off notifications in my profile. Get on this guys, I don’t want my email account flooded.

I had a similar thing with PM notifications from PMs I received over the last few days - PMs that I’d already read and replied to.

I have relative bliss. I dont get ANY notification , cept for some old mangy threads.

Sorry, guys. We had a hacker try to get into our servers, and our host put up a firewall to block the attacks. However, this affected the e-mail server/notification system, and the messages that were being blocked are only being released now. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience. :bow:

Me too. I thought it was just our work server being useless as usual.

EDIT: Thanks for the explanation, Maoman.

Wow! I’m a little surprised that Buttercup has taken her suspension so badly. :laughing:

You’re complaining?! I got 150 of the things. My delete finger’s all cramped up.

You’re complaining?! I got 150 of the things. My delete finger’s all cramped up.[/quote]

Just as well the flob’s not a pron site. More of you would be cramped. :smiley:

As Maoman said back then, this problem was related to the hacking of the Forumosa server last November. We have since improved the security of our website and removed some software we were testing that may also have been compromised.

How do i turn off the email notifications?

In your preferences. Look under your icon at top right and then the head and shoulders icon, Preferences, Emails.



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I turned off the email notifications, leaving it on for if someone messages me, but I am still getting them.

When did you make the change?