Forumosa entrepreneurship meeting Sunday April 16, 2006

Dear All,

Following up on the success of the first 4 meetings I am pleased to announce that the fifth meeting of the Forumosa entrepreneurship meeting will take place at Carnegies Taipei on Sunday April 16, 2006. The meeting will start at 12:00 as usual.

Carnegies Taipei is located on No 100, Section 2, Anhe Rd.

The meeting is open for all interested. It is intended for people currently running or interested in opening their own business in Taiwan. The objective of the meeting is to discuss ideas, issues and problems facing business owners here, and off course also to socialize and build a good network to draw on when needed.

The meeting sounds interesting. I have a few questions…

Is there an agenda or a topic for discussion?
Do we need to prepare anything?
Do we need to RSVP?
Is there any criteria for the kind of business you need to be operating to join the meeting?


topics will be prepared by volunteers.

Only if you offer to prepare something.

What’s that?

The criterium is that you euither operate a business or that you are interested in operating one. If your business or your proposal is a bit different fromthe rest of us, then all the better. All businessowners face similar issues, so there’s a lot of common ground. Currently we have a few different mombers, who all seem to be doing differnet things, or who want to do different things. Trading, consulting, project management, record srtudio, something with engineering, and then 2-3 people who are thinking of it. We need more.


OK, do we need to let you know we will attend, or can we just drop by?

I would prefer some kind of indication - if there are any people presenting anything, then it might be better to listen to those guys from the start, so noonish would be great, IE not too far timewise from the stated meeting time.

I plan to attend this, looking forward to it.


I also plan on attending if the invitation is open. Thanks

Enigma, you will certainly be greeted with open arms. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Re meet up. I’m 90% going to attend.

Thanks all for a great meeting. For me, it wasn’t so much about what I learned, although most of it was very helpful, but the networking that was available. I’m really looking forward to the next one.

Damn, just spotted this now. And I was over the road at Nitti’s at 12. :s

[quote=“Enigma”]Thanks all for a great meeting. For me, it wasn’t so much about what I learned, although most of it was very helpful, but the networking that was available. I’m really looking forward to the next one.

It was nice meeting you Enigma. As well as everybody else.

Truant…I phoned on the way, but my stupid phone is giving up. I was going to have a phone squashing ceremony on Roosevelt Raod.

Damn. Oh well. Next time. Left at 4:30 and just home now.

Hey all-
Thank you for a very interesting meeting today. I’m sorry I missed the last half. Hope to see where people have progressed when we meet next time

Great thing about the expat community is the talent that can be quickly assembled. Example, yesterday we had the following assembled at JB’s.

Sales and marketing.
Product sourcing.
Freight forwarding.
Product design.
Chef Ian for a good feed.(Sort of, he was already there)
And others.

Hi all,

Had a great time at the meeting and there were a lot of great ideas being generated. Sorry I couldn’t stay past 2 but the Mrs. finished shopping and I had to go. I think the next one is going to even better.

Thanks all for getting my foggy brain back in business mode.


Does anybody have a suggestion for date and place for the January meeting? I am looking forward to it already.

Will there be a meeting this Sunday? I would like to attend if there is.

There will be - please see the top of this thread for details.

Hello everybody - I really did enjoy this meet - looking forward to see you - and hopefully many more - for the next one.

I read some advice on importing and exporting. Any advice will be welcome.