Forumosa not Loading

For the past couple of days I have been having trouble opening
It usually (but not always) hangs with the 5 coloured dots like the attached.

I am on Laptop, using W11 and Google Chrome as I type this, and of course I get in. It works on other Browsers too. Also works on my Phone.

But, try it on my DeskTop and nothing shows, I have disabled adblocker, turned off VPN, tried Chrome, Edge, Firefox - nada. Though TOR Browser works!!

Both Laptop and Desktop are running the same version of W11.


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Do you have the latest updated browsers?

Yes, and cache/cookies etc have all been cleared as well.

It is hit and miss - I will be patient and see what gives - I just asked here in case I had missed the flaming obvious.

I have this too. The server ‘hangs’ for a few minutes until it is back to normal loads.
Maybe there is some repeating cron job taking up all the computing cycles.

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Perhaps @Satellite_TV should host the site on his servers in Alishan?

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This seems to happen to some people sometimes (I’ve heard other reports). I don’t have an issue with it, for example. I can’t understand it. Could some link in the internet somewhere have a problem with the site?

The site does not use enough bandwidth or data lol

I am still having the same issues - though it seems it’s only when using Windows. (Works ok on an Android device) I had a Windows Update on 23 August which could be the cause, so I might roll that back and see what happens.

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BINGO !!! I uninstalled Windows Update KB5029351 which had landed on my PC on 23 August and now is all OK.

The only problem is that Microsoft will force the update upon me again in a week (it comes up as an available update again and I can only pause it for a week)!!


This problem has been on and off again for the past couple of weeks, so I have now turned my VPN (NordVPN) off, and all seems back to normal. Looks like the VPN is crashing a few other things from time to time, so I will only turn it on when needed, which is usually to overcome Geo restrictions.

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