Forumosa political standing test



I like the frog cartoons too. Maybe we should start a party


This was interesting, thanks. Apparently I’m a Centrist right down the line.

About what I expected.

So much for the"InTeRnAtIoNaL PoLiTiCs iS a FaR RiGhT EcHo ChaMbEr!!!1".


God, that was 2 years ago? What the difference between Social Libertarianism and Libertarian Socialism anyway?

About half your salary? :thinking:

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2 years ago

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You’ve gotten more violent in the past two years, must be from looking at all those stan statues.


Hey, good on you for posting a liberal satire of dumb conservatives!

The best humor always contains an element of truth.

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After seeing the “Political Compass”,

I wonder if the results would be much different…

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yeah, this might be better than the other one, although still a lot of them i was like ‘it depends’ (e.g. what counts as a “valid” reason to own a gun? hunting? target shooting? home protection?)

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I feel like these questions are very US-centric and lack nuances. Most questions about military actions, for example, are worded aggressively rather than defensively.

Not much change, but a bit more against authority than before.

i don’t consider myself a communist at all. especially no socialist with Chinese characteristics type.
i guess there is no room for anarchism in the results- it’s not a part of the political spectrum. not that I’d net that either. fun quiz although the question were loaded to f.