Forumosa political standing test


Toe Save I would expect to be a socialist!


Seem pretty firm in my beliefs. Not much wiggle room on my axes.


Considering your values, Taiwan seems like a strange fit…although probably the best fit in Asia.


Have you met my wife?


No, but presumably you two could relocate?



She thinks Taipei is too cold in the winter.

The only thing really missing from my life here is more ice time. And CBDs.





I don’t like how some of the questions were worded for That. Felt like they were asking for either complete anarchy or tyranny.


I don’t think you’re a fascist. The test itself says,



No they weren’t literally that you eejit.

I fucked it up by accidentally voting for gun ownership for toddlers or some such malarkey. :roll:


You’re closer to the God Emperor than me…


life is so unfair…


Closest Match: Social Libertarianism

Sounds about right


Not sure how to export the chart onto here, but my scores were in the middle for the first three, and about one-third of the way from the left (“progressive”) on the last. The verdict was “Social Liberalism”

I did have issues with a number of the questions, which made them difficult to give a yes/no response. No idea how that affected the outcome, but it does ring true.



I had to look it up un Google because it sounded like a meme.


It seems like at least half of the Forumosans who took the test were Social Liberals.


What’s the difference between social libertarianism and social liberalism

Actually asking


“Social liberal” as a definition makes sense, “social libertarian” doesn’t. The definition on wiki mentions Marxists who are skeptical of private property, there’s nothing libertarian in that.
An alternate name seems to be “social anarchism”, which makes more sense than “social libertarian”.