Forumosa Polls - latest Terminator movie you watched

I was having a hard time remembering what was the last movie of this saga that I watched, and I’m wondering if I’m the only one…

What was the latest Terminator movie you recall watching?

  • Terminator 1
  • Terminator 2
  • Terminator 3
  • Terminator 4
  • Terminator 5
  • Terminator 6
  • Terminator 7
  • Terminator 8
  • Terminator 9
  • Terminator 10
  • Terminator 11
  • Terminator 12
  • Terminator 13
  • Terminator 14
  • Terminator 15
  • Terminator 16
  • Terminator 17
  • Terminator 18

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I didn’t realise there were that many…

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Yea, I quit after Three, which I found to be a waste of time. Liked One; Two was “meh”; Three was bad.
Funny, felt the same way about the Dune books.

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Terminator 2 is a classic.


I’ve watched the first three several times. They really are classics of the genre, although the third one is a bit shit because, frankly, the pretty girl just doesn’t convey the menace of the first two Terminators.

The storyline all gets a bit stupid after that - there’s really only so many times you can rehash the same premise. I hated Salvation and Genisys - they were just dull, childish shoot-em-up movies, done by the book. Acting in Genisys was terrible, and the story was all over the shop. Apparently Dark Fate is a waste of time, too.

James Cameron was still in his late 20s when he wrote and directed the first one. Talented guy.

@tempogain how is The Temp the best subforum for this thread?

If you guys don’t remember which one exactly is the last one, just pick one that may be close enough.

I think Genesis (5?) is probably the last one I watched. I love the first one, and because the other movies show you a bit of that apocalyptic world I can tolerate them, but the first one is the one that has all the magic IMO. The second one was the favourite of everyone else by the time it was released, but I just didn’t see it with the same eyes. The others I watched… I just have a blurry image of them, and all are mixed in my incomplete memory of them.

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None of the storylines make sense because if a machine from the future comes back to change the past then the machine wouldn’t exist in the future to come back to the present…

But, anyway, acid comedown conversations aside the first two were classics and it was downhill from then on.

Well yeah, but all successful fantasy relies on suspension of disbelief. #3 just barely kept it together. The sequels didn’t even try.

EDIT: was trying to give an example from Genisys, but story so confusing I can’t even remember it.

Nah… I guess there are different ways to look at that but the explanation for that to be possible would be that at that moment future changes, but only at that moment. Would that change what just happened (and that created that change in the future?). Maybe, maybe not, or who knows. I guess that’s why it’s called a paradox.

The T800, or whatever it’s called, was made from a hand left over from the T800 that went back in time.

Oh, right, good point. I think I remember thinking of this very weird thing. I guess that must mean that that story just had to happen!

Nah, I think I recall rationalizing it like this event only accelerated the whole rise of the machine.

If that bloke hadn’t gone back in time and shagged Sarah Connor then there would have been no franchise.

It’s Hollywood.

Let’s say that the government was looking into doing that. then the machines take over and when they’re about to be defeated by the stubborn humans Skynet sends Arnold. Arnold makes his way to the junkyard but this company finds the microchip and Arnold’s bones. The company starts to study the microchip and while @Taiwan_Luthiers complains about Arnold’s bones making a tasteless broth the government buys the company.

A perfect circle spiral.

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Arnold is sent back in time to kill the future mother of a guy who goes on to defeat the Terminators. She is yet to be impregnated by a guy who is then sent back in time to protect her.

I’m experiencing a major acid flashback. I’m beginning to make sense of it.

You didn’t read me. This technology was going to be developed by the USA government or perhaps an evil USA company anyway. The outcome of the whole The Terminator movie is just that things accelerated because a chip and some junk was left for a tech company and/or the USA gov to have something super advanced to take a look at.

Or as I said, this just had to happen because it had to happen and that’s all.

OK, so the guy had to go back in time and shag Sarah Connor for her son to defeat the Terminators. The guy who shagged her was of the belief that he was protecting her from Arnie. But, if Arnie hadn’t been sent back to kill Sarah Connor that guy wouldn’t have been sent back to protect her. In which case he wouldn’t have shagged her.

Love do wonders.

I think I’ve got it now. The arm takes some explaining, but your explanation for that is plausible.