Forumosa vs. Taiwanease?


I don’t think there were any bans (or very few), but a lot of the “core” of this site at the time chose to move over to Taiwanese and stopped posting here as often - and then never made the move to the new forumosa format either, because that does present something of a (very flimsy, easily stepped over) wall to returning.

Mind you, in the years since they’ve also stopped posting there as often. I assume that’s a mix of Facebook, parenthood for some, leaving Taiwan, and just doing different things with life.

Complicating things is that I’m never sure who goes by what name now. Maybe the people I thought had gone are actually still around, just under a different name. Until recently I thought wafflestop was BelgianPie’s new ID. Then BelgianPie reappeared. Every so often jesus oops I mean mad_masala will post something that makes me think, “Dr. McCoy, is that you?” And the cleverer trolls who show up with odd stories have a whiff of jimi presley to them.


There’s no way Presley’s posting here. I’ll only believe it when I witness a 3am drunken rant.


At 2 pm


I miss Dr. McCoy.


He was OK, but he was no @Richardm


Some Greek guy was messing around for a while.


That Dr.McCoy must be something else.


On Sunday evenings, dead giveaway.


Six, including me!


I’ve been busy, and I really wasn’t gone, just on hold for a while. I posted on two sites for while.
But seriously, posting on the other site was never the same as here, and tried to fire op HO! too by posting there, but it always stumbled.


Jeez, could that be real?


As posted above somewhere, many just post on FB now, they’ve outgrown the forum and do the family thing now. Babies, cats, more babies … etc.


Yeah, apologies. Probably some kind of racist stereotyped Belgian = Waffle thing going on in my head. I didn’t see you posting, and wafflestop would occasionally post about running a restaurant, and I know you have restaurant ventures.


Belgian isn’t a race. :sunglasses:


AFAIK it’s just a pie.


It’s a calling!


I assumed the same.


Congratulations, you solved my “misuse of the word racism” puzzle! Consider yourself the winner of the thread. I’m sure there’s a badge for that somewhere.


I doubt it, I never get to win anything!


Can’t recall ever seeing one. There may be a sarcasm badge though.