Forumosa vs. Taiwaneasy, Forumosa then vs. now

Wasn’t it tabu to even mention the existence of THE FORUM THAT MUST NOT BE NAMED-ease???

really? i didnt know it was tabu. I think its been discussed before.

Why taboo? I guess it would be weirder to expect a homogenised ‘community’ to spring up around not being Taiwanese (and Sat TV guys).

No taboo, nor has there been.

Hey man… this is all the social interaction I get in a day other than a few "謝謝"s and "外帶"s. I’m trapped in an intellectual prison called the master’s thesis (and living in Taoyuan doesn’t help) and find that some days, I can go almost the whole day without looking a human being in the eyes. Sad, lonely academia. (Good incentive to finish the damn thing though.)

Yeah I hear that. I was bunkered in Shalu for what seemed like 5 or 6 thousand years and talking to people on here was my only social interaction. Those people move on though buddy, with a few exceptions. You’ll have no memory of the monoliths of this site and yeah, you are kinda at a crappy point in the evolution of the site content wise cos many long termers have poisoned each other to the point of extinction. Those that are left are shadowy figures of themselves. I’ve even met a few flobbers from here back in England and one in Croatia, so there are real world ties. But generally it’s a transit hub for people and you have to make of that what you will. Stick around even 2 years and you’ll see there is a real flow of people who manage 20 to 200 posts and then disappear back into the ether.

Tonight you can think about how you had a chat with a guy sat in a lovely Edwardian house in London. Forumosa is always good for that sort of thing, imagining where other people are in their lives and what their experiences mean to them. That’s probably partially why I stick around. That and mental illness. :slight_smile:

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Guys, I was joking. Sorry.

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Chill. Nobody here is your parent. Just try not to shit on the carpet too often and everything will be fine. :slight_smile:

That is awesome! I had always assumed all posters on Forumosa looked like the fat dead dude they find at the beginning of the movie “Surrogates”.

But hey guys! This is Taiwan! Aren’t ex-partners or staff members supposed to open new stores based on the original franchise until every incarnation makes no real profit?
I mean that’s a Taiwanese tradition on Ilha Formosa for frack’s sake!

Some of us are not on the rock. Not many of us, but we are here. I’m in London. Balmy evening. Weirdly large green parrot (escapee from somewhere) is having an audible spat with a grey squirrel in the trees in the garden. Waiting for the champs league game to start in an hour and pondering something about why psychologists in the 1960’s only argued for polar extremes when it came to memory. I’ll never properly figure it out, but it’s fun to try.

BigJohn, I like that idea of yours. I’m going to franchise it. :discodance:

You will find me sat at my rented one bedroom (often in my underwear) with a bit of scotch by my side and my trusty large cat, still pining for my bride from afar and wondering when the US govt is going to get its finger out of its nose and approve her dang visa.

Thats when im not at work that is.


And sometimes bare assed I should say :slight_smile: I find I can express myself better this way. Since i am often said to think with my dick …

(sale on barf bags in aisle two)

Oh dear. Your poor laydee. :stuck_out_tongue:

Supers, did the parrot win or the squirrel?

As with most fights the victory was subjective. The squirrel looked very pleased with itself as it left but the parrot held the upper ground in the tree. I guess you’d need to know the trash talking that built up before the fight to really know who won. Probably an inter tree domestic.

And there you have it with British Animals ! A TW parrot and a TW squirrel will just walk right past each other with nary a blink of an eye. They would be oblivious to one another.

Though later the parrot would post here bitching that the squirrel either a) refused to speak English to him or b) refused to speak Chinese to him. In both cases the parrot and the squirrel would each be called anti-social jerks by various forum members, someone would note that parrot feathers have a lot of dandruff and probably contribute to air pollution, and eventually a squirrel would show up and state that the parrot in question was completely sauced in the first place.

These anti-squirrel rants of yours are so typical of the parrot brigade mentality. You need to be like me, man, standing in the middle saying there is room for those who love fruit AND for those who love nuts. Everyone should be a fruit and nutcase.

Bah, humbug! Squirrels these days are soft, when I was a young parrot we ate fruit peels and nut shells, and we were THANKFUL!!!