Forums by city would be great

Actually only mods or Regular members can do so. Make the post and someone will add it, or you can PM a mod to request it.

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Too many. Restaurants regions would be fine.

Living in Greater Taipei
Living in Northern Taiwan
Living in Central Taiwan
Living in Southern Taiwan
Living in Insular and Eastern Taiwan

Good point, I forgot about that.

But that’s true only about editing, not when creating a new topic, right?

No, I just tested it with a new topic. Unless I missed something.

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If you scroll through Living in Taiwan you won’t find many topics that are confined to one particular area in Taiwan. I’d say, there’s no need for sub-categories there.

For Cuisine - Forumosa it makes much more sense.

For Taiwan Travel - Forumosa and International Travel - Forumosa sub-categories could make sense too, but then the number of existing topics there is not that overwhelmingly high either, so searching for info about certain locations should not be too difficult.

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Living in Linkou would mostly be threads about how to leave Linkou.

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I do not approve separating the territories of the former Shinchiku shū into Northern and Central Taiwan. Keep Miaoli in the North along with Hsinchu.

Yep. Nope. Going with the official government definitions with minor tweaks. Keeps a bigger balance.

That’s in violation of the one Shinchuku Principle.


We acknowledge your claims.




I would agree with @hansioux based on the Hakka dominance in Miaoli, which feels like it should not be separated from Hakka dominated Hsinchu.

this made me actually laugh out loud. well played.