Four More Years of Border Closure

I recall some members of parliament in Ottawa, Canada made that chant when President Obama made his last official speech there.

Even though I don’t agree it’d make your lymphoma come back or anything, I can at least accept this as a somewhat legitimate concern (even though actually getting Covid would be FAR worse for your health).

This on the other hand, is pure vile QAnon burn-down-5G-tower bullshit and only an idiot would believe this fake news nonsense. I hope you don’t sincerely entertain such crap.


Who’s Hunter?

What are you talking about?

He’s the guy that put the RFID chips in the vaccine.

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Along with various other substances.

But he’ll have Joe open the border for Canadians.

Hunter is Meadow’s best friend from ‘The Sopranos.’

A lot of Trump fans hate her. :man_shrugging:

Your comments seemed to imply that you won’t be able to go back to Canada for CNY because America.

As much as I believe in what Revelation 13 says, I am most definately against the Q-Anon crap, they are full of poop. After all they have their links to right-wing terrorism.
Otherwise, thanks for your understanding of my legitimate health concern.

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Not so.
What I am implying is that I may not go back to Canada for Chinese New Year because the border will not be opened yet, but it’s not the border closure that’s the issue. The issue is I will not have any time to do a 14-day quarantine in Canada, and I won’t have time to do a 14-day quarantine after coming back to Taiwan. Even if Biden becomes the president with a plan to clean up the USA next door, I still will not expect the quarantine to be lifted and the border to be opened by February 2021, because it will be too soon before this whole thing is solved.

In case you haven’t noticed, this is a pandemic, which by definition is global. Many countries around the world are reporting second waves, and Europe is now reporting more cases per day than the US.

Border closures/restrictions and mandatory quarantines are going to be here for a while and are not in place because of any specific country. If Canada opened its borders and eliminated quarantine requirements simply because it was satisfied with the way things were looking in the US, it would get hit with cases from people coming from other parts of the world.

Fake news! Trump has the most viruses (indisputable fact).

Can we get better modding in forumosa to cancel these dangerous conspiracies please?

Come to england instead. no 14 day quarantine necessary :sunglasses:

Maybe the syphilis virus counteracts COVID-19?

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Probably caught it from all the people has raped with his small dick LOL? amirite?

How about the insufflated doses? I’d assume they would be in plastic.

This is the strangest thread I’ve ever read. :grimacing:



Yup… if you are coming from taiwan, no quarantine necessary. I think there’s a handful of places if coming from that you need to do quarantine. If you need to do quarantine nobody’s going to check it either. The vaccine can’t come soon enough because as it is, this virus is never going away.

That’s an idea put the vaccine into bottles of Coke Coke is one of the worlds largest distributors of bottled drinks

If the vaccine could be a drunk form that would be great