Four More Years of Border Closure

We are keeping an eye on the US election from all over the world.
I have read recently that the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau
announced that the Canadian border will be closed until the Americans
clean up their mess, and reduce the COVID-19 numbers to a lower
number, or perhaps have it fully eradicated. Previously since Trudeau
closed the Canadian border in March, we were expecting it to re-open
by April and May. But as the case numbers in the USA grew larger, Trudeau
has continuously extended the border closures until June, then July, then August
and then September. But that has gone far enough, so therefore the Canadian
border will remain closed until whenever the Americans clean up.

I can assure you this, if Joe Biden wins the election and gets sworn in by
January, I will not expect the border to be open in time for Chinese New
Year, but it will be a guarantee that things will get better for the borders
to re-open, and the 14-day quarantines to be lifted by 2021. However, if
Donald Trump gets re-elected, then I would strongly suggest that Canada
must impose four more years of border closure. The rest of the world will
have to do the same thing, knowing the fact that right now, US citizens are
banned from travelling to approximately 99% of all countries around the
world, including Canada.

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Is that a special date for Canadians or US citizens?


You do know that no matter who wins there will likely be a Covid vaccine within a year, right?


He’s going to have to keep it closed to pretty much everyone then. Europe’s second wave has it eclipsing the US in new cases.

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That happens the moment you open up bars, have events and go on holiday.

Meh, Trudeau built a much better wall than Trump did…

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I don’t remember whether I posted this before in another (probably more appropriate) thread, but apparently there’s an interesting problem there, albeit one that relates to an admittedly boring topic, in that even if a vaccine is developed in the near future there aren’t currently enough glass vials for mass distribution, as discussed here and here. There are quite strict requirements for this kind of packaging - it’s not like they can just put the stuff in buckets or empty Coca Cola bottles.

I assume that glass manufacturers have been working on that since those articles were published in June/July, given the expected (and unprecedented) demand, but I found it weird to hear that this may be a problem (among multiple other problems). Anyway, I suspect that much of the widespread expectation that a vaccine will be available “soon” doesn’t take into account what’s probably going to be a long lag between the discovery of a safe and effective vaccine and widespread distribution/immunity.

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It seems to be much worse in winter though, which was predicted.

I’m sure they’re speeding up production on whatever materials are needed. There will be a lag between the vaccine being approved and being able to deliver it to whoever needs it, but it’ll be a matter of months and not years.

Let’s see. :wink: Hopefully you’re correct.

Four more years!!! Four more years!!! Four more years!!! Sounds like a trump rally chant

I plan to go to Canada to see family and my oncologist for Chinese New Year, but the border closure and quarantine will not yet be lifted by then.

I hope so. But I refuse to take the vaccine.

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Like in the ‘old’ days, one big bottle and one syringe for the whole neighborhood!

Are you Canadian?

Good for you and someone else that can get your dose.

You hope there will be a vaccine and yet you refuse to take it? Well, that’s dumb. If we want to beat this thing, then everyone needs to take the damn vaccine.


I remember when they got the flu vaccine back in 2003. My sister took that vaccine and it made her get sicker. When I saw what it did to my sister, I refused to take that vaccine. I read the ingredients of the flu vaccine and what they got in the ingredients is awful. But guess what? I never even got the flu after refusing to take that vaccine.
As for the COVID vaccine, I don’t trust it either, and I have the right to refuse to take it, not just because COVID never hit me at all, but because I am still in remission after I successfully fought a battle against Hodgkins Lymphoma three years ago. So I have the right to refuse this vaccine because I don’t any side effects to cause any compromises in my immune system.
Also some people are speculating that the COVID-19 vaccines may contain RFID chips that will go into human bodies to get scanned and indicate that we are vaccinated. I for one will never allow any RFID chips to go into my body. But is true that this will happen, or is that a false Q-Anon conspiracy?

Good news. I spoke to Hunter and he was able to speak to Joe. Since you’re a Canadian citizen, he’s pulled some strings and the border will to be opened to you if you decide to go back.

Now you don’t have to worry about who wins the US presidential election.