Four Taiwan restaurants on Asia's 50 best list 2020 ref William Reed Business Media

Four restaurants in Taiwan have been named on this year’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list

  • MUME, Taipei’s Michelin-starred modern European restaurant
  • JL Studio, Taichung Singaporean restaurant
  • RAW, in Taipei
  • Nihonryori RyuGin, Japanese-style in Taipei

The list, published by William Reed Business Media, is based on a vote by more than 300 chefs, restaurant owners and food connoisseurs from six countries across Asia.


Good for them, but this may not be the best timing for a marketing boost!

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The whole Asia list

I’m thinking of making my own random top restaurant list, it’s a handy money spinner, pity I don’t have a French name.

What’s this all about? I don’t see any mention anywhere on the site.

Or now is exactly when they need a boost. Money is tight for everyone right now.

Don’t they cost a leg and an arm though? I think Din Tai Fung is the only Michelin star restaurant I can afford.

  1. JL Studio (Taiwan)
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No, on this site.

Probably because JL Studio is in Taichung and not so many people here from Taichung. It’s away from central town, near the newer upscale district and places. Not an area many people just roll up on scooter or from bus.

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Lunch: 9-10 course meal $2800 NTD + 10%
Dinner: 15-16 course meal $3800 NTD + 10%

Definitely expensive, but reasonable for the #26 restaurant in Asia. Next time I have someone visit Taiwan or want to drown my self-pity in food I’ll check it out.