Frankie's Pies in Yonghe (Near Dingxi MRT Station)

Original Title: New Pie shop in Yonghe Taipei.

Another pie shop just opened yesterday in Yonghe on Wenhua Rd. I believe it is called Frankie’s Pies and is run by a South African of the same name. In addition to pies, they also have very nice quiche and Thai chicken salad. Price are very reasonable. It is within 2 minutes of the Dingxi station if you exit the station at the end closest to Zhongzheng bridge. Exit the station and turn left on Wenhua Rd. After you pass a 7-11 n the left hand side of the street, you are just a few steps away.

This is more of a take out place than a sit down restaurant. They do have a few tables out front. Enjoy.

Went to Frankie’s today for lunch.I had a sausage roll, a chicken and vege pie and a small salad,whilst the wife had a hearty slice of quiche.Great food,especially the sausage roll.They also have vege pies,fried chicken and fries.No drinks tho.Prices for most of the menu was in the $50-$80 range.I agree with Feiren this is more of a takeout place.I prefer to reheat my pies at home in an oven anyway as it keeps the pastry flakier.This place is on my way to work and will wreak havoc on my diet.

I have the address for Frankie’s now:

No. 31 Wenhua Rd., Yunghe.
Take the No. 2 exit at the Dingxi stop.

Moderator Edit: The new address is no. [color=#BF0000]15[/color] Wenhua Road, Yonghe

I asked Frankie today and they are open 11am-11pm.They also change the quiche daily (different ingredients).I had the hamburger today…not bad.

I finally found a place that sells steak and vegetable pies, chicken pies, sausage rolls, quiche and even pies for vegetarians.
The prices are reasonable at 80 - 90 NT and are home made and baked on the premises.
They also do some great salads and homemade hamburgers. The menu is in English and Chinese.
The guy who owns the place is Frank and the restaurant is called Frankie’s.
It’s a great place to catch up on those western foods that are so hard to get in Taipei.
You can sit outside and the place is close to the MRT.

To get there, you go on the orange line to Dingxi station. Get out at exit 2, then turn left and walk to main traffic light junction and turn left again (Wenhua Road). The pie shop is about 3 minutes walk on the left hand side. It’s an orange colour or 31 Wenhua Road.

OK, established non-biased poster here. This place is in my neck of the woods so I went over on Saturday to check it out.

It’s a little hole-in-the-wall on a busy Yonghe street with a couple of tables outside - at one of which was the owner (friendly chap, the aforementioned Frankie). Anyway, I picked up a chicken pie, a sausage roll and a slice of bacon and pepper quiche. The sausage roll I had right away and it hit the spot. The flavour was a little different from those “back home”, but definitely not in a bad way. The chicken pie I had that evening and I thought it was ok - the pastry was good but the flavour of the pie itself didn’t really do it for me. Finally I had the quiche for lunch today and was impressed - good mix of tastes and textures and definitely worth going back for that alone. Prices were very reasonable - I think the most expensive item was NT$80. So overall I’d give it one-and-a-half thumbs up. There were a couple of things I didn’t try which I’ll check out next time I’m passing by.

Now, can anyone do me a proper Cornish pasty? If so, you’ll have at least one dedicated customer for as long as I’m on this rock…

Frankies is awesome. Living in Yungho, I was pretty excited to be texted a message from my Aussie mate a fortnight ago that there’s pies to be had in just up the road from my home. The sausage rolls!! OMFG They are it. Honestly, they’re awesome. I’m also a big fan of his chicken pies, too. Seems Frank has added to the menu because today as I snuck across for a couple of sausage rolls, I saw he has chicken curry pies as well. There’s gotta be literally hundreds of Aussie hanging for pies and this is the answer. Just think of those Saturdays with the AFL starting at 12:30 noon, you can hook into Australia’s fave meal, albeit made be a South Affa but it’s worth it.

Thanks Amos! It’s always nice to hear good reviews from established posters - your words of praise give this place a lot of instant credibility! :notworthy:

Thanks Mao. If I posted a bit more these days ‘Frankies’ might be leant even better credibility :wink:.

One other thing, my good friend and long time forumosan poster, Bulaien, is also quite the fan of their vegetarian pie and quiche too, well it seemed so last week as I saw him hogging into them pre class :slight_smile:

[quote=“amos”]Thanks Mao. If I posted a bit more these days ‘Frankies’ might be leant even better credibility :wink:.

One other thing, my good friend and long time forumosan poster, Bulaien, is also quite the fan of their vegetarian pie and quiche too, well it seemed so last week as I saw him hogging into them pre class :slight_smile:[/quote]

What Mr. Hairy said. That is more like it. Guess it is time for a trip over there.

Wow, people are sure quick to discover a place. I wanted to post a link to his facebook site on here, but I see everybody already knows about it. I would definitely love some cornish pie, too. Whenever I go back home pretty much all I eat be pies…steak and kidney, chicken mushroom. Adore them pies!

Nice writeup in the Taipei Times about Frankies.

I’ve only been once, as it’s a bit out of my way, but I hope to go back again and get some pies to keep in the freezer. Tasty stuff for sure!

I hope I am well-established enough to add a review. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been to Frankie’s yet (although I’m heading over there in about an hour for a party), but he brought some of his pies to a Saffie braal (sp?) over near the WTC. I’ve known Frankie since the twilight of his English teaching days (as he was putting this together) and decided to finally try one of his pies, opting for a chicken veggie. My friends told me it was good but others were even better. So I took the first mouthful and literally stopped eating because it was the most amazing thing I had ever tasted. I’ve never in my life had food that was so good that I started raving about it after one bite, but that was the reaction I had. I will check out the restaurant tonight and lay down the low down on the atmosphere and the whatnot there, but even with a pie that had been reheated after sitting in a cooler all day, I was a “Regular Frankie Fan”…

I went there yesterday, and had 2 pies and a sausage roll.

I am no expert on pies, having never had one before, however they tasted good. I will go there again.

Fifteen minutes walk from home. There is a God, and he’s put a hamburger in a pie.

Today I just searched on the forum and I found this topic.
“Nothing to do today so lets go!”
Im living at Yongan Market and I walked from here. Its a bit far from me, but because of that pie and because of Frankie it was good to walk that much.
Im new in Taipei so it was good to chat with him a little bit and ask him about his story in here.
I tryed some kind of “bacon pie”. After chopsticks Im a bit surprised on the knife and folk (whats this?!)… :slight_smile:
Anyway The pie was really good and the service was not just good, but kind of familiar!

Last night hubby and I made the trip from Keelung to Yonghe to try out Frankie’s pies, and I am glad we went.

In my post about the Pie Boy Cafe I strongly complained about the lack of meat in their gravy pies AND how Pie Boy Cafe uses this same gravy for both their steak and mince pies.

This is NOT the case with Frankie’s pies. Each pie sold in Frankie’s pies has its own unique filling, and there is PLENTY of meat in each one.

I had the Italian steak (which is show in the picture in a previous post), the chicken curry, bacon quiche, and a sausage roll. My hubby had the steak and mushroom meal set with the (awesome) french fries.

The flavors in all pies were plentiful and diverse and he is VERY generous with the meat content ( I must emphasize this, take note David). The bacon quiche was perfect, and the french fries were awesome: firm, crispy, not greasy (take note Yuma) and covered with Frankie’s own mix of spices and herbs.

There were a few small gripes. They heat their pies in the microwave, which totally ruins the pastry. I understand the reasons: it is NOT good (or safe) to have pies sitting in a warmer all day, and it would take far too long to heat a pie in an oven and most local customers would not be wiling to wait for that.

However, a good alternative would be to give it a quick boost in the microwave and then finish it off in a proper oven.

I bough a few pies to take out, reheated them in my little ‘toaster oven’ this morning and they were beautiful.

The puff pastry for the sausage rolls was really terrible, and ruined the beautiful flavors of Frankie’s meat filling. The puff pastry is is the same used in most restaurants for their ‘pastry covered soups’. There is only one company in Taiwan making this, and it is therefore the same puff pastry used by Pie Boy Cafe for their pie toppings (David from Pie Boy mentioned this in his post).

Now, my dad used to have his own bakery and I spend most of my school years helping him before and after school. So, I know how much effort is required to make puff pastry (mixing, cold storage, rolling, folding and more rolling etc.), but I really think that NOTHING beats a pastry made with real butter.

However, Frankie does NOT use puff pastry on his pies and I think that is a wise decision, the pies may not be 100% authentic, but at least the taste is not ruined.

About authenticity, I mentioned in my review that I though there was nothing "New Zealand’ about Pie Boy’s ‘New Zealand Pies,’ a few other Kiwi’s jumped in and (surprisingly) disagreed.

Well, Frankie’s pies are exactly what the name suggests, they are FRANKIE’S pies, and there is no other claim. The range of flavours is diverse and original, and they really work well.

Yonghe is quite far from Keelung, so i won’t be making many trips back there. I WILL start placing large orders with Frankie and have them delivered to my house. Frankie explained that if I email him my lists, he will make the pies fresh and freeze them immediately overnight. They will then be delivered the next morning using a local, cold storage courier, the same system Eddy (Eddy Burritos) uses.

I also met Frankie last night and he is a friendly and pleasant guy to talk with. He told me that they will be moving to a bigger location soon and will offer more indoor seating.

I highly recommend Frankie’s pies, and if the trip to Yonghe seems too far, then the delivery is a great option.

Hey, great to know they’ll deliver, because Danshui is also a bit far from Yonghe, ha.

Perhaps Danshui residents can get together and place an order, since there’s free delivery for NT3500 and up. I’d be willing to stock my freezer with some quiche and pie!

For those that don’t know, Frankies is moving up the road over Chinese New Year (about 30 metres closer to Dingxi station; same side of the road and still on Wenhua). Means it’s 30 meters closer to the VBs and sausage rolls so it’s all good news.

I just received my first delivery of 20 pies: steak and mushroom, Italian steak (my current favorite), and pepper steak.

Each one was packed in an aluminum foil pie container and a brown paper bag with a label on it. The order was perfect, and they arrived pre-frozen.

I cooked/defrosted them for 1.5 minutes in the microwave and about 20 minutes in the toaster oven, I did about 5 minutes for the top and then turned them over and gave the bottom (more moisture) about 15 minutes. Beautiful!

Frankie told me that when he moves to his new location he will look at adding more flavors/fillings, so I put in my request for a ‘steak, cheese and onion.’