Frank's RedHot Sauce

Can anyone tell me where I might be able to find Frank’s RedHot Sauce? I see Tabasco sauce but can’t seem to find Frank’s.

Franks is awesome. Costco use to sell smaller bottles. I stocked up with 24 bottles but they are all gone. I did find a source for the gallon bottles and I’m such a Franks fan that I use it.

Take a look at I think if you find anyone else that would split a gallon bottle with you then it would be better. I get these gallon bottles from the company that sells it to Friday’s. Seems they use Franks on their wings…

Thanks a lot for introducing this site to me, Proto_tw! I’m going to get some of those Trail Mix bars and Chunky soup…mmm…mmm…good :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ll get the Franks sauce though. Don’t think I can finish a whole gallon!! Will have to see if they end up carrying smaller bottles later.

Oprah, Just some FYI. I’ve got a few cases of Harry’s Hot Sauce coming in Next week. This stuff is awesome and I’m getting a variety. Keep an eye on the site to see it there.

Yes, Costco use to have quart (or so) sized bottles, but that was well over a year ago. Some friends bought up a few extra. If you see something at Costco, you have to grab it up cause you don’t know when it will return. Fridays wings sauce is Franks. If you want to duplicate it, pour a cup or so into a saucepan. Add a few tablespoons of butter and about the same of ketchup (mostly to thicken it). Heat it up. Rub on your chicken before, during and after grilling. Yum! If you have the luxury of an oven, try broiling the chicken (turning them about half way through)!

If anyone finds less than a gallon, let me know too!

We’re working on it Baaadrabbit.

Hey, proto_tw, you have a great idea there! why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?!?! please let me know when you get your harry’s hot sauce in, I’d like to try some of that. Hope it’s not too expensive.