Free & Anonymous HIV rapid test for Gay male

I remind you that HiV+ foreigner do not have to leave Taiwan anymore, so you can do regular HiV test, even if it’s not anonymous. You don’t have to fear anything (and if you are HiV+, you would have to give your name when applying for a treatment, so there is no point to want an anonymous test…)

^ So when someone takes a medical for employment in Taiwan, there is no more HIV testing in the mandatory medical foreigners must take?

Yes, the laws have changed. Neither HIV or Syphilis are deportable diseases.

There is no need for anonymous testing anymore, and the best place to get tested is at the STD control clinic, on the 3rf floor of Taipei City Hospital KUMING branch (across from the big car park in ximending) … &mp=109012

Anyone here have an info on where I can have STD and HIV testing somewhere closer to the west side? I live in Nangang, so I was hoping somewhere closer that I can swing by in between work. Free is preferred, but a little price to pay is also okay too (as long as it is not an exaggerated cost).

For HIV/STD testing it’s best to go with a trusted hospital and not just any old clinic. Taiwan Adventist is a good choice, although it is more centrally located. You should be able to get there pretty easily via bus.

It’s not going to be free or super cheap, but if you’re gonna get screened, I think it’s best to do it right.

Any old clinic would be fine. If they draw blood, they send the samples to the places big hospitals send theirs to. And blood prick tests are pretty accurate and can give you answers right away. The hospital in Ximen has a HIV clinic that will do it for free last time I went. Don’t even have to be a gay male.

Does anyone know how much is it?

Is there only one ‘free and anonymous HIV rapid testing clinic’ in Taiwan?

I don’t even know if these hospitals or old clinic speak English. Does the National Health Insurance help?

I had one done just at a clinic once. They charge by the test like most of Taiwan. It was like 350 out of pocket. Testing from what I know is not covered by NHI unless you have symptoms. Hence why no one gets tested here. The doctor who has the clinic told me I was the 2nd person who ever volunteered to get tested in years of her own private practice here. Crazy.

There’s a free HIV clinic in ximen.

If you don’t mind, I’ll message you privately on the infos!


Any urology clinic will give HIV test and probably other places. But not necessarily anonymous :smirk:

May I suggest everyone to get the free blood prick test. It’s Free and accurate. If it’s not clear than go get the blood sample. Blood samples usually take a month for HIV, it’s a lot of effort waiting for the results and having to go back to the hospital for the results.

Taipei hospital kunming branch has a free testing. They even have free needle exchange and vending for drug user. Also surprisingly methadone clinic for opiate addicts it says.


Right in the middle of Ximenting coincidentally :confused:

Where I recently get… (well… that was for a different thread lol)

What is the risk of a heterosexual male contracting HIV through unprotected vaginal intercourse?

.04% per single exposure to HIV positive person.


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One would need to fuck around a fair amount to take those odds into account.

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Unless you are a porn actor lol.

Interesting to see ‘circumcised dick’ decrease risk.

By 60% no less. So, if you’re cut that’s 60% less than 0.04%!

And “lubrication”? Wtf