Free beer to whoever helps me

I’m trying to get a visa to see my boyfriend. I’m from Thailand and don’t know what I have to do. I have talked to a friend and they said I need money in my bank account and I need a sponsor. What is a sponsor, what does that mean? Is she right about this?

Maybe you can be more specific.

You are currently in Thailand?

Where is your boyfriend located? Taiwan?

What kind of visa are you looking to get? a short-term visitor visa?

Yes I am in Thailand and he is in Taiwan. I’m looking for short-term, visitors visa.

The sponsor means that you need someone to say that you will be staying with them in Taiwan. So you need to have your boyfriend write a letter with his address and details saying that you will be visiting him and he will be showing you around the country or something. I don’t know exactly what thye want, but I expect that they’re afraid you are going to overstay and try and work illegally, so they just want something to say that this is not the purpose of your visit.