Free China...US Military intro video to Taiwan

Been watching these videos on Taiwan…Wow, the propaganda is there but also very interesting! All for American military personnel who used to come here…


Ok, can anyone get their hands on a copy of that pocket guide to Taiwan?

Starting at 1:15, the background music being played is Hông-hun ê kòo-hiong (黃昏个故鄉). It was originally a Japanese song written in 1958 by Nakano, Tadaharu. It was translated in 1960 by a famous Taigi singer named Bûn Hā (文夏). The song was particularly popular among Taiwanese freedom fighters, and especially those exiled by the KMT. As a result the song was banned by the KMT throughout most of the martial law period.

I wonder if the person helping to choose the music for this video deliberately planted this song as a middle finger to the KMT.

The prelude for Hông-hun ê kòo-hiong transitioned into another equally banned song called Green Island Serenade (綠島小夜曲), as it was popular among late-immigrant political prisoners.