Free Coffee to Cyclists on Fridays (Taipei)

Individuals who ride a bicycle to the 12 designated locations across Taipei between 7:30 and 9:30 AM on Friday this month will receive a free cup of coffee and snacks.

This is a great great way to promote the Ubike (like it actually needs to be promoted) and also for 9-5ers to bike to work. My commute path is on Nanjing East Road and I always see the stands out there at the street corners.

If I’m early to work at around 8:30-8:40AM, there’s normally a fair amount of people around the spots.

This “event” currently only running throughout December, so hurry and start bike commuting to work!


Anyone reaping in the rewards of bike commuting on Fridays?

Do not forget to bring your own cup!


With the announcement of relaxed regulations, free coffee Fridays is back!


I’ll put my portable camping stool on my bike.