Free Coupon Books for Taichung

An acquaintance of mine put together a coupon book and map for Taichung. Listed are popular and new cafes and venues. Coupons are for things like no service charge at Gulu Gulu (the aboriginal restaurant) and 10% off your purchase at the art museum shop.

I have three sets at the moment and will be getting more soon.

I’ve been asked to write down the name and email address of the person I give them to. (There’s nothing evil about this; I think it’s for accountability and not data mining. If you’re really concerned about this, then you’re welcome to find other locations distributing the book & map.)

I’m happy to mail the items to you if you are in Taichung, or you can pick them up from my store (near the Subway on MeiTsuen). Please email me at with the subject “Taichung Coupon Book” if interested.

Two are gone and two more are available now, in case anyone is wondering. One question I’ve gotten more than once is where else they are available. I’m not sure. Probably government areas and tourism areas, since the project is associated with a few agencies/departments. The cafes/restaurants in the coupon book (Match, Retro, etc) might have some, too. But, I do have some extras and can easily stick them in the mail. :+)

Happy Taichong-ing, everyone.

I got a few more, if anyone is interested. Email me if interested.

More info and pics here: