Free domestic Email and web/blog hosting?

Ok. I’m done with Facebook and frankly I want to escape from Google and Yahoo mail.
I want to keep my digital Services totally domestic like the old times.
I tried using hi net mail but I kept getting security warnings that they don’t use some sort of encryption?
that was a while ago. I’ll have to work on reclaiming that account. So please give me your best suggestions for a domestic email service and a service that will allow me to create a simple blog or web page service that I can just post my photos and observations on to my small little audience.
in the ancient times I used to have something on hinet but it’s been a long time.
I think they gave everybody a few megabytes of webspace to use. But I recall the pages loaded very slowly. Then Facebook came and took over totally and everything was forgotten.

Not for web hosting, but for email, the only truly private and secure option other than self hosting (which I do not recommend even if you are tech savvy) is Proton Mail. They are not a Taiwanese company, but do have offices here. They also offer arguably the most secure and private VPN service, but it is not great in Taiwan.

But I think protonmail will be involved in all this partisan b*******. I would like to just erase the United States all together from my existence. Japanese okay. I’m totally fine with using line as my primary messenger. But I want nothing to do with anything based in the United States. or Western Europe for that matter.
I’m not really concerned about security. I have nothing of value.

They have a free tier

Then you will need to use Chinese version of various mail or messaging service, like wechat and stuff. They have their own set of problem but the west want nothing to do with them.

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I’ll go for a Taiwan based service first.
How about making my phone Google Free.
I have a Xiaomi phone.
They are sold in China?
What system do they use in place of Google Play Store to manage their apps and stuff


You’ll need to set up your own email server and purchase your own domain name if you want to have control over the entire process.

You can have something like if you want. Domains are cheap and a NAS can handle that.

No, I don’t want control nor super security. Well, nothing more than adequate.
I just want to eliminate the United States Services and its equivalent “WOKE” and paternalistic western equivalents out of my world.
I just want an off the shelf Web Based service or a POP (or whatever they are using nowadays) mail service that uses hopefully a non Microsoft windows ten compatible client.

Anything in Asia is gonna be meant for Asians and using Asian languages.

Pchome is the only one that comes to mind.