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Frequently will be free water closer than a convenience store and might have warm and hot offerings.

I carry a collapsible water bottle so don’t have extra bulky things in my bag.


that sounds great! where did you buy it?

Decathlon Taiwan has a variety of sizes of collapsible water bottles I like the half liter one.

I don’t carry it around full, I carry it around empty. I fill it up, drink it and then collapse it and throw it in my bag again. Hiking or something then I fill it up and carry it.


Water is everywhere.

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Can include police stations.

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Yea, police in Taiwan actually provides helpful services, not just arrest people on trumped up charges because of quota.

But anyways, water is everywhere but you gotta have a bottle because 99.9% are the type with the hot, warm, cold water and do not always provide cups. However some places, like hospitals and government offices provide those little paper pouches that’s better than nothing.

Also I know Zhongxiao Xinseng, Danshui, various other red or blue line stations have direct drinking fountains where you don’t need a cup, these types of fountains are rare as hen’s teeth though for some reason.

Just carry a collapsible water bottle, no space, no weight.

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How do you deep clean a water bottle? The narrow mouth makes cleaning them difficult.

Do you guys trust the quality of the water? I have heard that even tap water in Taiwan is pretty good. But I view that news and also all these water dispensers with some great suspicion. For example, I wonder how often the filters in the machines are being changed.

I see a water dispenser machine at the train station I pass through daily, but I really do wonder how good the quality of the water is. I could be convinced to change my mind, though.

I can’t say that I even trust bottled water.

Some of the better brands maybe but others who knows how they’re filtering, if they’re even filtering it at all, if they’re maintaining good facilities, or if the plastic bottles are manufactured in accordance with appropriate standards.

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I have my doubts too. With the Kirkland water in small bottles, for example, there’s a distinct plastic taste that I dislike. And with more expensive brands, I wonder if it’s just a huge rip-off.

I use the water dispenser at work. And we buy bottled water for use at home. I haven’t gotten sick yet.

90% of bottled water here is tap water run through reverse osmosis equipment. They did an expose several years ago. I think only 多喝水 was real mineral water.

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Evian spelled backwards is naive.

Bottled water is a complete ripoff, just filtered tap water.

Not always, some companies have a well they pump from, or a spring. In France there is this water company that actually taps from a ground water source and pull it really low when there was a dry period. No action taken by the government, too big to handle.

Bottled water is becoming more and more hazardous for humans in addition to the plastics that get into the environment from the old bottles.

Don’t buy bottled water when you can refill your own.

Extreme, but yes.

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RO removes all mineral content, correct?

No idea

I always wonder about that. Most of these water machines are never cleaned, right? At least bottle water companies have some sort of quality control, right?

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The machines in city hall, government offices and public libraries tend to have a label or sheet stating the last filter replacement. I would be more concerned about private offices, where laobans might want to save some money by not replacing filters.

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